As some of you know, as well as mothering Mushroom, I am also a Writer, Poet and Life Coach (read more here). The coaching has been taking a back seat lately but I’m pleased to say that I am now back in business!

Are you…

Struggling with a particular issue? – this could be to do with work, parenting, family, or any other issue
Wanting to move on but having trouble defining your goals?
Simply ‘feeling stuck’ with life in general?

Would you like to…

Find out what’s holding you back and move past it?
Get a clearer vision of the future you would like to move towards?
Get 1:1 personalised support with a particular issue or to achieve a short or long-term goal?

Do you…

Feel that life coaching would be great but you just don’t have the time?
Feel uncomfortable sharing your deepest dreams and fears in a face to face situation with a stranger?

If any of the above apply, then my new Moving Forwards e-coaching package may be for you.

Silhouette woman run under blue sky with clouds

With my 1:1 clients, I specialise in outcome focused coaching, helping people to move towards their goals. If you are unsure of where to start, part of the coaching includes helping to define what your goals are if they are feeling a little unclear to begin with. For those I have worked with, these goals range from weaning a nursing toddler to improving relationships (at home and/or work) to life-changing career decisions.

The Moving Forwards e-coaching package includes:

  • A free consultation (by phone or skype) to assess your needs and decide whether this method will suit you
  • Four emails (in response to four emails from you, so eight in total). This is the equivalent of four 90 minute face-to-face sessions. I will respond to all emails within seven days or less
  • A personalised guided meditation (audio file)
  • Up to four text messages for when you need extra support. I will respond to all texts within 24 hours
  • A review (by phone or skype) and tips to keep you on track (if you haven’t already achieved your goal/s!)

Want to know the likely return on your investment? Well, here’s what some of my clients say about working with me:

“Working with Rachael helped me to find solutions that suited me and my family and were effective within a short time. I felt I could say anything and there would be no judgement, only support.”

“I had tried to wean J previously but lacked conviction. I just wasn’t sure it was what I wanted/best for both of us. Rachael asked gentle questions that made me think differently about the situation, and helped me to come up with a method for weaning that took both of our needs into account. Most importantly, it was one I felt happy with. J was fully weaned within two days.”

“I have found my coaching sessions with Rachael to be truly inspiring and stimulating and have gained confidence since working with her.”

“I am well on my path to achieving my goals, and changing some deep-seated challenging behaviour.”

As this is a new way of working for me, the first two clients I work with I will do so for free, in return for honest feedback. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, get in touch and let’s talk about your needs.