Here at Mushroom Mansions* we have a family ‘motto.’ It’s something we created fairly recently but it’s something we’ve pretty much lived by (most of the time), at least since Mushroom was born. It is this:

We love, we laugh, we dance and we say sorry. Which brings us back to love.’

It’s a lovely reminder of what makes us a unit. Like most, we love to love (my Mum used to say ‘We are here for each other.’ I agree) and we love to laugh – Mushroom has reminded us how to do this properly, with his frequent unrestrained peals of laughter echoing off the walls long after he’s stopped. We also love to dance. As a family we love music and I have talked about Mushrooms dancing before (he’s got even more moves now but that’s another blog post). Dancing is something we enjoy doing together and Mushroom equally loves to dance by himself, throwing shapes across the living room floor, and ensconced between Mr B and I, in the ultimate definition of a family ‘unit.’

As for saying ‘sorry,’ well. That just means that we all know when it’s time to own up and take responsibility for hurts we’ve caused… Whether that’s by losing our tempers and saying things we don’t mean or biting in the midst of a full on tantrum (Mushroom not us!) which, as the motto says, brings us back to love…

What motto do you live by at home? And are they based on new values, or those handed down by your parents?

*Yeah. It’s not really a mansion, I just like how that sounds.