A few Mums have asked me how I weaned Mushroom from breastfeeding, and this post is simply what I did, in response to these lovely readers’ requests. So I would like to start by saying thanks for reading, and getting in touch!

Just to be clear – I am not saying this is the best way to wean! In fact, I weaned him at nine months and current advice suggests that its best to wean older babies straight to a cup. That didn’t work for us, so we weaned from breast to bottle. Here’s how we did it in 5 easy (Ha!) steps, should you wish to use the same method yourself. We used Tommee Tippee bottles with no.1 anti-colic teat (for newborns! But it’s all he would take to begin with), gradually progressing to a no.3 teat (fast flow) when he got used to the bottle.

Step 1:
Offered 2oz formula at his 8am feed. He cried. A lot. Finally he took the formula and then I let him nurse as long as he pleased.

Step 2:
Offered 4oz formula at his 8am feed the next day, which he took without fuss. Let him nurse til he was full (I had to take him off but he didn’t really complain. Much).

Step 3:
Offered 6oz formula at his 8am feed on the third day. He took it happily. He decided he didn’t need to nurse as he was full. Result!

Step 4:
Repeated steps 1 – 3 for every feed until I was only nursing him to sleep.

Waited a week

Step 5:
Repeated steps 1-3 until he took a bottle at bedtime.

Mushroom now drinks his milk from a sippy cup during the day, but for the time being, he still has a bottle in the evening before his bath and bedtime. I still nurse him once or twice during the night.

Just to remind you that I’m no expert, this is just what worked for us. If you try this ‘method,’ and it works for you too, great! Do let me know. Any comments/ questions welcome.