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Christmas wishes

It’s that time of year when the older children are so excited by Christmas they can barely contain themselves and as for the youngers…. Well, routines tend to go out of the window for a start, as you’re busy preparing for the big day and they start picking up on the excitement and refusing to sleep (oh joy). But…

It’s also a time to spend with our families and enjoy the look on their faces on Christmas day as they open their presents, and even before as even mundane tasks take on new meaning as we start to see them through their eyes.

If you still have Christmas shopping left to do, I hope it’s not too taxing this weekend (morals aside, Amazon, and other online retailers, are a Godsend at this time of year!) and you might want to check out my shopping tips in preparation for next year (assuming the world doesn’t end tonight)!

As I expect you will all be busy over the coming week, and spending more time offline than on, Mushroom and I have made a special card, just for you:

Christmas card_MM

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you all find time to put your feet up and enjoy the season.

See you next year (I hope)!


Mushroom’s Mum (and Mushroom!)

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Please baby, please – A Spike Lee joint

I’ve decided to review this book as it’s Mushroom’s current favourite.*

Please, baby, please

It’s one of those I bought on a whim after doing a google search for age appropriate books. I was curious when I saw that it was written by Spike Lee and his wife, Tanya. I assumed it would be different from his films (!) and the reviews were good so I decided to buy it. I also think it’s a good thing for Mushroom to have more books with black characters in them.

The book essentially follows a day in the life of a typical toddler but that instead of it being the usual routine of a lovely trip to the park, some jolly good fun playtime, etc., followed by hassle-free bath and bedtime in the evening, as we’ve read about in other books, this is a day for a typical toddler! This means its starts with a 3am wake-up, and is followed by the parents imploring the baby throughout the day, not to eat sand, to share her toys, not to draw on the wall… You get the picture.

At first I wasn’t sure such a book sets a good example for Mushroom, who himself is fond of a 4/5am wake-up and has been known to draw on the floor, on his face and on my clothes (not on the walls – lately – funnily enough) but he find it hilarious. He knows this baby is misbehaving and he takes great delight in it. Each time I finish reading and think he’s asleep, his little voice pipes up ‘More, more!’ I am thoroughly sick of it, and it’s repetition of ”please, baby, please, baby baby baby…’ on every page and yet…

I highly recommend this book. It will make you laugh in recognition of the challenges of bringing up a baby/toddler and kids just seem to love it. A great  stocking filler if you haven’t already finished your Christmas shopping!

Disclosure: *This is the only reason for this review. I wasn’t asked to review this book, nor have I received any payment for doing so. Read my full PR and disclosure policy here. 



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