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Hello 2016, Goodbye Mushroom’s Mouth*

Happy New Year Everyone!

It’s been a while since my last post, which was just after I started school! I’ve done a whole term now and there’s so much to tell you… So I’ll start at the beginning, shall I?


I am used to school now. I’d rather be at home with Mummy but then it was a bit boring during the holidays when we ran out of friends to play with. I think playing all day makes Mummy a bit tired, too. I’d be tired if I had to do computer work and talk to grown-ups all day though. Each to their own, I guess.

School doesn’t seem quite as big and scary as it did when I first started. I’ve made some good friends and learned lots of cool things. When I got sick and had to stay home for a few days, I was really annoyed that I was missing out! I’m still very quiet with the teachers but am learning to use a bigger voice when I’m in a small group. Mummy says she used to be very shy when she was little. She’s not shy now though (I actually think she’s a bit of a show off sometimes)! So maybe I’ll feel less scared when I am bigger.

Half term

Mummy had to work a bit in half-term so I went to a holiday club for two days. It was called Fit for Sport and I loved it! We did running, jumping, swimming and make and do activities. All my favourite things! The teachers were called ‘Coaches’ and I made a friend who is bigger than me. I wanted to stay all week but Mummy had plans for us. We had some nice days together but I missed my friend. I hope he is there when I go back again in February.


2015-12-24 18.28.03I have been excited for Christmas ALL YEAR! When it finally came I did my nativity at school (I was a chicken), and Mummy helped me choose Daddy’s present. I chose a chocolate tool! And I managed to keep it a surprise until Christmas Day. Daddy was very impressed.

On Christmas eve I suggested we make a cake for Father Christmas instead of mince pies. We made a chocolate mint cake (it looks like mint choc chip ice cream, see!) and Mummy said she thought it would go best with a chocolate Baileys. So that’s what we left out, along with a carrot for the reindeer (does he only feed one reindeer at each house, I wonder..?).

Of course, in the morning I got lots of presents! I enjoyed taking turns opening things with Mummy and Daddy and playing all morning while Daddy put together my best present – my new bike!


I eventually actually went outside on my bike and did so every day until I had to go back to school. Daddy was just tricking me. 😉


On New Year’s day Mummy and Daddy took me out for a special lunch. I rode my new bike all the way to the next town and we had breakfast for lunch (I had scrambled eggs on toast)..! Then afterwards I got to play in a giant sandpit (In January. Yes, really) until I got cold. It was awesome. I then had a couple more days of lie-ins before it was time to go back to school…

As for school, well, Mummy’s told you how I felt about my first day back to school this year but actually, it was ok in the end. I enjoyed seeing my friends again and we had cake for dessert at lunchtime. That never happens at home! So far this term, I have been learning abut police, bad guys and the letter sound ‘kwa’ (Q).

2015OpenJoy_MoheringMushroomLast week we opened our Joy Jar from 2015 and read about all the things that made us happy last year. It made me really happy to remember having fun with my nursery friends (can you believe I was still at nursery last year? I can’t!) and all the fun things that Mummy and I did over the summer. We’ve started our 2016 Jar now and I can’t wait to fill it up – with my proper writing this time (last time I only drew pictures)!

Finally, while we were remembering our fun times from 2015, Mummy told me about New Year’s resolutions (although she says she prefers to have intentions and goals) and asked me if I have any. I told her that I intend to follow our updated rules (we updated these together over Christmas) all the time (well, I’ll try. That’s what intend means, right..?) and my goal is to be able to ride my bike without stabilisers this summer.

I hope you had a good Christmas break and, as I sign out of Mushroom’s mouth for the last time*, I wish you all the best for 2016!

Over and out (I like to say this into my walkie talkie, It sounds cool),

Mushroom. Xx

*Apart from his annual interview, which I’ll continue to share as long as I blog here, this will be the last post from Mushroom’s Mouth! I have been writing as Mushroom for a couple of years now and having given it some thought over the holidays, I decided to stop now that he has a much stronger voice of his own! Perhaps he’ll start blogging himself, in time. We’ll see. In the meantime, there will still be plenty of Conversations with Mushroom, and if you enjoyed this post you can always head back the archives for more from Mushroom’s Mouth.

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Making friends with the school monsters | From Mushroom’s mouth

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve got to talk to you directly. I’ve been a bit busy, you see. Since I talked about being big and starting school in May, I’ve been hanging out with Mummy over the summer and getting ready to actually start Big School (you know, in Real Life).

Here are some of the words I’ve been using to describe school the past couple of weeks (I have learned some new words. Some are a bit big): Scary. Exciting. Weird. Confusing. Awesome. Wrong (they do some things all wrong!). Silver (I am on silver in my class because I am helpful and kind). Grown-up. Cool (I think I am cool now. I even carry my school backpack on one shoulder like the big kids. Mummy does not appreciate this).

So, what was my first day like? Well, I hitched a ride on Daddy and that was fun. I was so excited to be in my uniform and really starting… but when I got there I was scared. I wanted Mummy and Daddy to stay and keep me safe. They stayed a little while but then they had to go. I cried for my friend in another class, and all my nursery friends who I knew and missed. Everything was so new and big! I thought I could see monsters everywhere and I didn’t feel very big.

The day got better. I had a nice time but was so tired at the end of the day. I fell asleep on the sofa and Mummy woke me for dinner!  I Was. Not. Happy. But once I’d calmed down, I told Mummy about the monsters and we talked about making friends with them. I felt a bit better but I was still scared in the mornings for the next two days and cried a bit (big boys do cry, you know). However (do you like my big word?), by the end of the week I was getting used to my monsters and there were no tears. I was still nervous going in but there is just so much to look forward to each day!

Pencil sharpeners are awesome. And a bit weird.

Pencil sharpeners are awesome. And a bit weird.

Last week I started going to breakfast and teatime club some days and that was like starting all over again. I get a big breakfast if I want (spaghetti hoops on toast!) but mostly I had cereal as I find it hard to use my big voice to ask for things. Mummy asks for me sometimes. On the days I do both clubs I get so tired and want to nap! Sometimes I get a bit cross with Mummy or Daddy when they come to get me because all I want to do is sleep. I have made a good friend though, he’s bigger than me – 6, nearly 7! – so I listen very carefully to everything he tells me about school because he knows so much. He told me he used to be very quiet at school too, when he first started. He’s not quiet now! I like him a lot.

Remember those monsters I thought I saw on my first day..? Most of them have gone now. Mummy and I are getting used to the new routine (Friday is ‘treat day’ after school, that’s my favourite) and I’ve made some lovely friends. So, even if more monsters show up, I think me and my new friends can take them on together.

How about you? Are your kids getting used to school/being back at school? Are you? Do you have monsters you need to make friends with too..?


On seasons, school and being a big boy | From Mushroom’s mouth

I turned four this year. This means I am big. Big enough to go to big school, which starts in the Autumn – that’s when the leaves change colour. I know all about the seasons now, I learned this at nursery. I know lots of things. Numbers, colours, shapes… My favourite colour is blue and my favourite shape is a triangle. Mummy likes circles. I asked her. I know all of these things (and more!) because I am big.

I’m a bit scared, though

I love nursery. I’ve been there a long time and I know all my teachers and I have a lot of friends. I know where the toilets are and what we do at lunchtime (wash our hands, get our placemats out, sit nicely). I know when we have snack time and what to do if I feel poorly (tell a grown-up). School is going to be a big change. Big! Bigger than me! Mummy is going to take me to visit before the summer holidays and this will help but still… Will there be enough grown-ups there to look after all of us? If I’m poorly will someone still phone my Mummy? Where will I go to the toilet? What do I need to do at lunchtime? So many questions! I spoke to Mummy and she said that everyone in my class will be wondering the same things.

Everyone’s a little bit scared

Mummy said that even she still gets scared when she’s doing something new. I asked her what she does about it and she said that sometimes, she avoids the new things but eventually she has to do them. So she takes a deep breath and gives it a go. She said it doesn’t matter if I don’t do everything right because it will take me a while to know what ‘right’ is for some things, and that’s ok. I’m not sure about that (I don’t like to get things wrong, even though Mummy says it doesn’t matter. It matters to me!). I think I will be doing a lot of deep breathing when I start school. I’m looking forward to learning lots of new things though.

Will all this new learning fit in my brain?

My brain will grow

Will all this new learning fit in my brain? Mummy says it will grow so that I can fit in both the stuff I already know, and the new stuff. That’s a lot. I was worried my head would then be too big for my body but she explained that it’s a different kind of growing. She has quite a lot of stuff in her brain and her head looks ok so maybe she’s right.

Butterflies and bumblebees

Sometimes, when I think about scary things, I can feel bumblebees around me. Mummy said that some people call that butterflies in their tummy.  I really like butterflies but I don’t want them in my tummy! I do not like bumblebees as much (although they do look quite nice, they sting!). When I meditate with Mummy (we just sit quietly and breathe. Sometimes she talks, softly. I like to cross my legs) the bumblebees go away. Sometimes I feel a little bit like there are bumblebees when I’m excited too. Mummy said that being excited and being scared sometimes feels similar, so maybe I’m a bit excited about school… I don’t know… I am looking forward to having a big playground to play in though, and wearing a uniform! The big kids in the park wear uniforms. I want to be like them. I hope my uniform is a colour I like.

Maybe school will be ok. I will let you know what I think when I’ve actually started!

Can you remember when you started school? Were you scared? Do you still get scared now..?




Mushroom’s mouth | My annual interview

Last year, Mummy did an interview with me for the first time ever.   It took a while because I got bored of the questions quickly so she had to ask a few a day but I know how much you love to hear from me (and it’s been a while since I last had my say!) so I let her interview me again this year. This time, we did it properly. I sat down and she asked me all the questions (all the questions – so many! *sigh*) and I answered them all while eating my dinner. Don’t worry, I didn’t talk with my mouth full!

So, here you go…

How old are you?

Four. *big grin*

When is your birthday?

It was at nursery. I had it already. (Mushroom had a little party at nursery the day before)

What did you do for your birthday?

Go bowling with Strawberry*!

Why do you like bowling so much?

Because I just like it. I like when I throw the ball, like this… *mimes bowling*

What’s your favourite colour?



Yes. Blue.

What’s your favourite shape?

Triangle. It’s got three sides.

What does ‘I love you’ mean?



Nothing. Just I love you.

What is love?

*says friend’s name* and I just love you.

What’s your favourite TV programme?

Let it go! (Frozen), Spiderman! Oh, and Turtles (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

What’s your favourite activity?


Um, what’s that?

Nothing. I like umbrellas. Um… Cars. But you can’t play with the old cars any more. They’re not there.

What happened to them?

They’re not there. I miss them.

What do you like to do best at the park?

Slide. Climb.

Do you like sleeping?

Yes. I’m sleepy now. *pretends to fall asleep*

How old is Mummy?



No. Four.

…and Daddy?

Three… No, 90! *checks reaction* Four..?

What do you like best about nursery days?

Going on the bouncy castle. You can only have two people each time. It’s just a short time. You have to take turns.

What do you like best about days at home with Mummy?

Playing in the park.


*rolls eyes and turns away to indicate interview is over*

As Mummy didn’t ask me about school (I know, can you believe it? She said she wanted the questions to be the same as last year or something), I’ll come back again another day to share my thoughts on that – sometime before I actually start. I hear I will have to go all day, every day! Crazy. Not sure how I feel about that so like I said, I’ll be back. Watch this space.



My milestones | From Mushroom’s mouth

Happy New Year!

I know, it’s almost February now but this is the first time this year I’ve got to speak to you so it’s the first time this year we’ve connected. Hope you’re having a good one so far.

So, what’s new with me? I hear you ask… What, you didn’t ask? But you do want to know, don’t you? Of course you do!

Last year I was feeling pretty pleased with my progress, remember? Well, this year I am even more impressed with myself.

Here are some of my major achievements:

I have learned to swim by myself. I can even swim on my back (still need a little help with that one though. I’ll get there).

I can get dressed by myself. I still struggle with buttons. And I still don’t really like them.

No. Just no.


I can read by myself. Sort of. (OK, only audio books. But Mummy is especially happy about this as it gives her some time to herself – for what I don’t know).

I am learning to write my name. I have mastered the first two letters so far. Mummy says the rest is ‘recognisable’ but I think she sets her expectations low, bless her.

Some more firsts that I loved about this year:

I went on holiday for the first time.

I went to my first fireworks night.

I went to the cinema for the first time.

I went bowling for the first time – and I bowled without ‘the cage’! Because I am big. And awesome. I love bowling. That was my New Year’s Day treat.

So, Mummy thought 2014 was pretty good to her in the end. That’s nice. My 2014 was great! And I expect more greatness for 2015.

That’s it from me for now, I’m going to leave you with the wishes Mummy and I left on the wishing tree at The Rabbit Hole* earlier this month:

Joy. And a moving dinosaur. Because who wouldn’t want one of those?


*Mummy tells me that The Rabbit Hole is in danger of closing down. It’s one of my favourite cafes (I can run around and make noise!) so if you like the sound of that, please sign this petition to help keep it open in some form. Thank you!



Fire in the sky… and on sticks! | From Mushroom’s mouth

This week I went to my first fireworks display. Mummy tried to take me last year but it rained so it was called off. I tried to hide it but I was devastated so I have been waiting ALL YEAR for this!

Mummy and Daddy picked me up from nursery and confirmed that it was not raining and we would be going to see Waltham Forest’s firework display. Yay!

We got the bus down to Walthamstow and I was so excited I kept laughing to myself. Mummy kept saying “You crazy baby.” I’m NOT a baby! But I was so happy I didn’t bother to correct her. When we finally arrived there were a lot of people waiting. A Lot.

Waiting for fireworks to start

Some of them had fire on sticks! Mummy said the sticks are called ‘sparklers’ and that I’m too young to have them. She said maybe when I am big, like six. They were a bit scary anyway so I wasn’t too upset and Daddy softened the blow by getting me a lightsabre instead.

But I really wanted a sparkler


He kept telling me not to wave it around though. I mean, isn’t that kind of the point? Anyway. I was hungry so Daddy went to get us some food. Seems a lot of people had the same idea…

Queuing for food

While Daddy waited in the queue, me and Mummy talked about sparklers and listened for the man saying when the display would start… Daddy just made it back in time!

It started with some words… “You’re only supposed to blow the ______ doors off!” A lot of people laughed at this and I kind of wanted to know what word  ______ was but was too busy watching the sky light up to ask.

Only supposed to blow the doors off

They played music from the movies and Mummy and Daddy kept laughing at some things but I’m not sure what was funny… I didn’t know some of the songs but liked ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘Girls just wanna have fun.’ – I know that one because my Auntie sings it on youtube! And when they played Let It Go I sang along: “The cold never bothered me anyway.” Actually, the cold did bother me a bit so I was glad Mummy made me wear my iron man onesie over my clothes!

The kid had the. best. seat

This kid had The. Best. Seat.

The show ended with music I liked and Mummy said it was from Star Wars. I wanted to watch it all over again but I was very tired by then (and my ears hurt a bit. Fireworks are very noisy) and fell asleep as soon as I got back in my buggy. I can’t wait til next year!



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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall



Finally we see Frozen | From Mushroom’s mouth

Until last week, Mummy hadn’t seen Frozen. Wait a sec, let me say that again:

Until last week Mummy hadn’t seen Frozen!

I mean the Disney movie of course. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about… Well… I mean, you’re online, right? How can you not? You must have at least heard about it! I have watched it at nursery but only managed to catch bits of it so far so when Mummy said that the people at* had asked if she would like a copy to review I said ‘say yes!’

In case you haven’t seen it, Frozen is a princess movie – but not the sort you grown-ups used to watch as kids where the princess had to wait for a man to come and rescue her from whatever trouble she’d managed to get herself into. Elsa takes care of herself and also… She can sing! I could listen to her all day.

2014-10-03 19.34.21

When the film first came out Mummy wasn’t that keen and didn’t bother taking me to see it but lately, I think my incessant singing of ‘Let it Go’ has worn her down. So she caved, saying “well I suppose I’ll find out what all the fuss is about now.”

When the DVD arrived Mummy announced it was movie night. Yay! That’s when we make popcorn and I get to stay up late and watch a family film after my bath. Sometimes I fall asleep and don’t even have to brush my teeth. It’s also quality time with Mummy and Daddy. Gotta love that.

So, I finally watched the whole film in one sitting and learned that people are not always what they seem, snowmen can sing too (who knew?) and true love comes in many forms.

When the film had finished, Mummy said “Ah, ok I get it now.” She thought I was asleep but I wasn’t. I was just pretending so I didn’t have to brush my teeth so when I heard her singing ‘Let it Go’ as the credits rolled I joined in. Big mistake. Of course she made me brush my teeth and wash my face after that. Can’t a brother get a break… For one night? *sigh*



* help thousands of users track product prices and discover great discounts, like this DVD for £10, against the usual RRP of £14. price drop

You can continue to track this product for any further price drops here.


*Disclosure: We were sent a copy of Frozen for the purposes of this review. All views are our own. Read the full PR and disclosure policy here.

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Lions and Tigers and… Penguins! | From Mushroom’s mouth

This summer, Mummy and Daddy took me to the zoo for the first time. They were very excited about this and kept saying I would see ‘Lions and tigers and bears.. Oh My!’ I still don’t know what the ‘Oh My’ is about but Mummy said one day I’ll watch a movie and I’ll get it. Whatever.



So. We got to the train station and then it was a looooong walk to the zoo. We walked through a lovely park and I wanted to stay there and play but Mummy and Daddy seemed to be in a rush to get to the zoo. What’s the big hurry? The animals aren’t going anywhere (are they…?).  Anyway. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt.

The first thing I saw when I entered the park was a giant gorilla. I asked if I was allowed to touch him as he was staying very still so it seemed safe. Mummy laugh and said he wasn’t real. I don’t like it when Mummy laughs at me, it’s not nice.

'Feeding' the Gorilla

I ignored Mummy and stuck my hand in his mouth. He didn’t bite.

We walked around the zoo, starting with some big birds. I liked the eagles but they kept flying off where I couldn’t see them and the small birds were bit boring. Where were the lions and tigers and bears I’d been promised? “Soon,” they told me. There are a lot of animals in the zoo. We stopped to look at some monkeys. That was funny. They were running and jumping on the trees like I do on the sofa at home…

As we turned from the monkeys to go and find some lions, I was distracted by a giant sign…. Penguins!! I love penguins! I was so excited I could hardly get the words out… ‘Mummy, Mummy… P.. P…Pengiun Penguin!’ I shouted, dragging her across to Penguin Beach (there was no sand. Is is still a beach?).

Flying penguin

It was brilliant. We watched the penguins diving under the water (like me at swimming! I go under the water too, sometimes) to catch their fish ice lollipops for their lunch. The big birds kept diving in too, to steal some. I enjoyed watching them for quite a long time but the lady who was talking about them talked for a lot longer. Too long, if you ask me! No-one did but I made it clear. Also, she kept talking about the penguin babies but there weren’t any! Mummy said they had grown up… So why talk about them then? I didn’t get it. Time to go!

We went looking for the lions but they weren’t there. Mummy said maybe they were taking a nap and I was a bit disappointed until I saw a cheetah slink by… I thought they were tigers at first but Mummy explained the difference (not very well. I’m not sure she knows enough about them) and then showed me a tiger. I liked the tigers more and wanted to see the babies but they were hiding! Maybe it was naptime for all the big cats…

We saw LOADS more animals: Giraffes, okapi (the giraffes’ cousins), hippos (I loved the pygmy hippos!), zebras, camels, more monkeys, sloths, loads of cool night animals (it was a bit dark in there. I didn’t stay too long) even fish and bugs!

By the time we got to the gorillas it was naptime so I got a quick look but fell asleep on Daddy as soon as he picked me up. I did play with the pretend ones outside first though. I like gorillas.

I had a great day at the zoo and loved learning about all the animals while I was there. Mummy said I can go back one day. I can’t wait.


What? I like bees too.

What? I like bees too.

This post is part of Flashback Friday over at Mummy Mishaps. Flashbacks can be any time, from the past week to several years ago and can be about you, your partner, your children or your friends. We are also linking up to Coombe Mill‘s Country Kids . Click on the images below to find out more.


mummy mishaps

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


My first holiday! | From Mushroom’s mouth

Hello! It’s been a while since my last post but Mummy has said she’ll let me loose on the computer more often now. Yay! (both for me and for you. I’m much more interesting than her).

So. We went on holiday. To Turkey. I’m a bit confused about that. Not too long ago we went to the farm and Mummy showed me some turkeys. They were birds – sort of, like chickens. They have a funny thing on their necks that I don’t like. Now Turkey is a country like England. Well, not like England at all actually – it’s very different and even looks different on the map. And it’s far away. It’s all a bit too much to get my head round just now. Maybe I’ll get it when I’m bigger.

You’ve probably read Mummy’s post earlier this week, so I’ll try not to tell you the same things, except… I WENT ON AN AEROPLANE! The big ones you see in the sky! Really! We went up in the air and I got to have two lollipops after dinner, which helps my ears (how? I don’t know but they didn’t hurt. I think Daddy’s did though. He looked sad). It was beyond exciting. I don’t think Mummy said nearly enough about it to be honest. I mean, it’s like a giant bus/coach IN THE AIR! It. Was. Awesome. Yes, I do mean that literally. I’m three. Travelling through the air above the clouds is actually awe-inspiring. So much so that I fell asleep with all the excitement.

We arrived at the hotel in the middle of the night (it was soooo dark!) and a man took us to a room that didn’t have a bed for me in it. Mummy and Daddy talked to the man and he went away and came back with a cot. A cot! I’m not a baby. They told me I’d sleep in a different bed but a cot? I was tired and annoyed. I wanted to go home so I cried a lot. But I got over it, eventually.

By the second night I quite liked the cot, it felt safe and cosy. On the fourth night I woke up with my legs stuck down the side (I can’t believe Mummy didn’t tell you that!) and liked it less. But after one night sleeping with Mummy and Daddy all night I realised how much room they take up and asked to go back in the cot (I know, seems crazy right? What can I say? I needed the space). Mummy seemed worried I’d get stuck again – I did, but it wasn’t a big deal – and kept getting up in the night to check on me (I know, I felt her move me). No wonder she joined me at naptimes, bless her.

Anyway. Enough about the cot.

What did I like about the holiday…?

  • Swimming every day, with Mummy! I’m really good now
  • The cat. It lived at the bottom of the stairs to the pool and one day it got in my buggy. It was hilarious.
  • Eating ice cream every day
  • Drinking cocktails. Cocktails! Just like Mummy! And fizzy juice
  • Chips! And as many olives as I can eat (quite a lot. I made Mummy take the stones out first though)

That’s me on the right. Drinking a cocktail

  • Playing with Mummy and Daddy every day. With Mummy I played schools, what’s the time Mr Wolf?, witches, dragons, princesses and superheroes – we both played all parts and Mummy is better at dragons and witches than princesses – and with Daddy I mostly just played with the sand. I tried to get him to be a witch but he just didn’t get it. He tries…

Speaking of Daddy trying… Well. A few times when Mummy needed ‘time’ (for what? I don’t see why I can’t be there while she does whatever it was she was doing!) I had to look after Daddy. He doesn’t manage very well on his own. Mostly it was during the afternoon so I’d suggest ‘ice cream?’ – a win for us both I think – and we might play together in the park. One afternoon though, we’d only been out a little while when I needed a wee. Daddy suggested we go to the ‘new’ toilets. I said no. They were outside! Last time I’d used an outside toilet there was a worm… A shiny, slimy, wriggly worm with legs – on the floor. I was with Mummy that time and she wasn’t bothered but I made her use a different toilet in case it bit her or something. Daddy, though. Well, I’ve seen how he reacts when he sees a spider on the living room floor so knew he wouldn’t be able to cope. So I cried. When he asked why I refused to tell him and he got upset and a little shouty. We went back to our room and Daddy told Mummy what had happened. Mummy said ‘I thought I heard his cry…’ then she gave Daddy a funny look and said ‘You’ve only been gone 20 minutes.’ Daddy swore it was an hour but she was right. I couldn’t tell her the truth though! I had to protect Daddy’s feelings. So. Later when she asked me what really happened I just told her ‘There are worms in toilets that are outside.’ She got it.

Back to what else I liked about the holiday…

The boat trip! I danced all day! And I made a friend. The captain of the boat was called ‘Ocean.’ How cool is that? He kept saying ‘alright mate?’ to me. He was brilliant and I still miss him sometimes.

The Kids Club. I barely spoke whenever I went in there but I loved it and Mellin always found something for me to do. Colouring, painting… I just wish there had been more children there to play with..

The mini-disco. All the kids who had been hiding in the daytime were at the mini disco. Until the last day, I refused to get on the stage with that elephant though. Sure, I love music and dancing but I did. not. trust. that. elephant. Look at him. Just look:


Looks dodgy, right? I touched his trunk on the last day just to keep Mummy and Daddy happy. He seemed a little less dodgy after that, I admit, so I had a dance. But anyway the shows were better than the disco and I stayed up to watch those EVERY NIGHT.

The shows! They were all good – traditional dancing, something called ‘Mr Crystal,’ which I didn’t really get but some men got up and acted very silly so I laughed but my favourite perfromers were the acrobats.

Mum. You could've taken a better photo. What about the human pyramid! I suppose this will have to do...

Mum. You could’ve taken a better photo. What about the human pyramid! I suppose this will have to do…

Amazing! I have been practising my forward rolls a lot more since seeing them. I’m getting better.

Finally, on my last night Mummy took me to the kids club and I got my face painted like spiderman. I can’t believe she didn’t tell you that! I’d been waiting all week for it after I missed it on my first day. I looked brilliant.

Coming home was ok. My ears hurt a bit as we landed but not too much and I was looking forward to being in my own bed. The loooong wait to get my buggy wasn’t great as Mummy and Daddy didn’t carry me properly. They said they were ‘tired’. Try being 3! I’m learning and growing ALL THE TIME. It’s exhausting. But we ate at Burger King before the coach journey and I got a crown. Result.

Now that we’ve been back home a while and the novelty of my own bed has worn off, I want to go on holiday and see the stars again. I miss it.




Making a splash! | From Mushroom’s mouth

Last week I swam by myself for the first time.

What no applause? Ok, let me start again. *drum roll please*

Last week I swam BY MYSELF!

I know, I know. I’m awesome. Actually, I’ve been quite capable of this for a while but I don’t like Mummy to know too much or she might raise her expectations of me. You see, for the past month I have been clinging to her for most of the swimming lesson each week, crying that ‘I can’t do it by myself!’ Some weeks I’d give her a treat and use both my arms and my legs while she holds my waist. But if Jenni* gets out the floats and I’m supposed to let go? No Way. I need to hold on to Mummy or she might let me go forever. Can’t be having that.

Anyway, last week I was selected by Jenni to be her special helper*. So Mummy wasn’t needed for a bit. When it came to being a space  rocket she had disappeared!** She wasn’t there to hold me so I ended up with Jenni, who saw right through me. ‘I know you can do this,’ she said, and just held my hands so I had to do all the work. I quite enjoyed it a actually. After that we did some kicking with floats… and Jenni LET GO OF ME. It would say it was cruel but I kept kicking and swam a bit – by myself! So this post is basically a Yay Me post. Feel free to send chocolate and flowers to congratulate me. I like tulips. And dandelions.

This is not me. I’m not that confident! Yet. Give me a week.

*Jenni is my teacher. She is special. I think she likes me the best so I told Mummy I don’t want to move up a class
**Mummy came back in the end and said she’d been watching me the whole time. I think she’s telling the truth. I’ll ask Jenni next week.


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