I can’t believe the summer is almost over! While I’ve been quiet here I’ve not been twiddling my thumbs… I’ve been busy with my work and making the most of the time I have with Mushroom before he starts school – Thursday and Fridays have become so much more meaningful as we are about to lose that special bonding time.

So, here’s just some of what we’ve been up to this summer in photo collage format (hover over an image to bring up a description):


We also visited the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and Hyde park (all in one day! Which with hindsight was a bit much for Mushroom) and enjoyed a special treat from Parragon books, which lasted all summer – more on that in an upcoming review post. And there were also lazy days, bug hunt days and some random tree hugging (not that I started that…)

2015-07-16 12.37.56

Aw look, it’s a baby tree Mummy!

This Wednesday was Mushroom’s last day at nursery… As he was the only one leaving that day, there was a mini party – he provided cakes and gave stickers to all his friends and there was dancing. I had asked what he wanted to do on his last day and the staff so sweetly obliged. It was lovely as he was so excited about it being ‘like a birthday’ that it wasn’t til much later that he started talking about who he would miss and the sad parts of moving on…

I have to admit, I felt a little tearful myself knowing it would be his last day there… He’s been there for three years and met so many milestones during this time. I can only imagine how the staff feel about this time of year… Every year they have to say goodbye! It must be hard.

So… Now there is just one week left until Mushroom starts school… We are both excited and nervous about this transition. He is struggling with his big emotions at the moment and we’re having a few meltdowns.. I’m trying to help him manage these big feelings but some days I don’t manage them so well myself and we both end up yelling. We also say sorry a lot. I am hoping that establishing a new routine quickly will help, as will lots of focused 1:1 time before he starts… So next week we both have a week off, and have planned a staycation together! Here’s what’s on his list:

  • Pedal boats in Hyde Park with Daddy (Bank Holiday Monday – be kind with the weather please!)
  • A pyjama day (actually I suggested this but once I explained the concept he wanted to have one that day!)
  • Go see a movie with my own popcorn Mummy, not sharing”
  • Go back to the “old toy museum” (The Museum of Childhood).

That’s it! So he’ll get everything he wants on this list and possibly some extra treats along the way – after all, it’s our holiday!

As for me, this time out has had me thinking a lot about whether to continue this blog… It’s very much focused on young children and at the moment, Mushroom likes to see posts about himself online. I’m not sure he’ll still feel this way in a few years. I also feel a bit weird about writing about him so much once he starts school, I think. I’m not sure why and I’m also not sure what the cut off point is for me. I do also want to focus a lot more on my business blog… But I realise I may miss this one if I stop…

So, as I haven’t yet reached a decision I’ve decided I’ll continue blogging here until Christmas, then see how I feel about it then. I’ll be sure to let you know either way once I know what I’m doing!

How about you? What did you get up to this summer? Has the time out given you a new perspective on anything..? Do share in the comments below!