Well. That’s a bit dramatic, isn’t it?

But I suppose it is a little (just a little). This will be the last ever post on Mothering Mushroom. I could have just drifted off silently, as many blogs do, but this has been such a blast that I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye.

The decision to stop writing here has been a long time coming, and various things this year have made me rethink more and more both how much of Mushroom’s life I share online, and the amount of time and energy I can afford to invest in various parts of my life. The start of this year has been particularly challenging, and something (well, more than one thing but we’re talking about this, now…) had to give. Coupled with the fact that Mushroom is becoming an increasingly private person as he grows (he recently turned five) and more and more often tells me firmly “No”, when I ask whether I can share something he’s said, I decided it is time to press the stop button here.

I’ll continue to write Mushroom’s annual letters but these will be kept private from now on, only for me to look back on, and to share with Mushroom when he’s older. The rest – the reviews, the snippets of conversation, my personal parenting thoughts… All of this will stop, now. I’ll miss it. From my first ever post, I’ve always been warmed by the response to this little blog and I’m so grateful for the online mother sister friends I’ve made here, many of which I now even see in real life, too (you know who you are)!

If I feel on occasion to still write on my experience of parenthood, you will most likely find it in the form of more essays over at Raising Mothers. Otherwise, I do also write about writing, creativity and personal development (with an occasional ‘life lesson’ via my son) over on my business blog, Writing.People.Poetry.

So, maybe I will see you around? But from Mothering Mushroom, I’ll end with one of his favourite expressions… “We’re over & out”.

 Mushroom and Me