Meet Mushroom

Climbing at Victory Park_MotheringMushroomHi, I’m Mushroom. Mummy started calling me that when I was a baby and I thought it was a joke, so I laughed. She still calls me that now and it’s less funny (are you listening Mum?). She also calls me chicken, pumpkin and chickpea. I prefer chickpea but she still persists with this Mushroom rubbish! Still, at least she doesn’t use my real name, she shares far too much about me for that to be ok.

So, what about me? Well, I’m happiest when I’m creating – drawing, gluing, painting and sticking but I don’t like to get too messy (yuck). I love climbing things (including Mummy -still!), running around, swimming (I’m not a fan of sitting still), exploring new places and meeting new people. I’m a little shy and very sensitive. Sometimes that comes out all wrong when I am feeling overwhelmed but I am trying to learn how to speak up about my feelings when I need to.

I like TV and movies. I still love watching Peppa Pig even though I think it’s more for small children really. I love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (my favourite is Michelangelo) and love learning new things from The Magic School Bus. My favourite movies are Frozen and Peter Pan (any version). I like spaceships, aliens, fairies and boys who can fly (obviously) and I love learning my letters at school. I still love huggle snuggle time before bed (but not in public!) and if I’m not too tired I’ll do everything within my power to extend that time. I wake up early but I am not a morning person. Want to talk? Give me food first!

Meet Mushroom’s Mum

Mushroomsmum largeHi, I’m Rachael. Thanks for stopping by! I started this blog when Mushroom was a year old – partly because that’s when the baby books run out of space and I wanted somewhere to continue recording his milestones but mostly because he wasn’t a great sleeper (he didn’t sleep through the night until he was 17 months old) and I could barely string a coherent sentence together before then.

This blog started as a place to record both Mushroom’s milestones as he grows and my own parenting journey. I hope that sharing my experiences may be helpful to other parents on their journeys, either by offering helpful tips from my experience, or the simply the reassurance that we’re all just making it up as we go along!

As well as writing about parenting here at Mothering Mushroom, I also write about personal growth and writing over on my biz blog and when I’m feeling especially creative, I keep the poems and short stories I occasionally write over on my original personal blog, Honest Speaks. I have a love/hate relationship with twitter (I love chatting with you but hate how I procrastinate there), so I’ll probably see you there! 😉

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