As well as mothering mushroom, I am also a freelance writer, poet and personal coach. In short, I’m a Storyteller and Story Changer.

I love hearing people’s stories and sharing their passions in a way that really engages their intended audience, or helping them to change the stories that no longer serve them. Connection is at the core of everything I do and I offer a free consultation for all of the services I offer, so that we can get to know each other and I can make sure I have an in-depth understanding of what you need before we start working together.


I write on a wide variety of topics including (but not limited to!) charity, family, lifestyle, parenting and personal growth. Check out my portfolio for some examples of my work.

I write everything from compelling web copy and/or engaging blog posts for your personal blog or small business to bespoke poems for anything from birthdays and weddings to charity campaigns and community events (examples available on request). I also offer copyediting and proofreading services.


I am passionate about working with you to help you achieve your goals.

Whether that goal is weaning your baby, toilet training a toddler, changing career or simply improving your overall confidence levels, I will work with you to find ways that work for you and your family to help you get to where you want be.

What am I like to work with? See what some of my clients have to say.

Proudly Imperfect Parents

In 2015, I ran a one-off Working Mums workshop in London. The feedback I got both from those who enquired and those who attended, highlighted that so many parents are trying, and failing, to let go of their ideas around being a perfect parent.

As a result, I wanted to create something that would reach all parents struggling with these issues and this year, the first Proudly Imperfect Parents e-course was born! This course will help you to let go of your grip on what you currently perceive as perfection, and will take you from anxious about not being the perfect parent you thought you wanted to be, to proud of how your imperfect parenting actually works.

The course starts on Monday 22 February and is open for booking now. Find out more and book your place!

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To learn more about all of the services I offer, or to book a free consultation, visit my website.