Ok with that title, you know where this is going…!

NatureReserve_MotheringMushroomLately, with the lovely weather we’ve had this past week, I’ve often exclaimed, “What a beautiful day!” Mushroom always follows this with, “We’re not scared!”

So, we’ve been on a few bear hunts lately! There is some swishy swashy grass near us that’s perfect for playing this game and much as we both love pretend play, when I suggested last week that we make it a real hunt… A bug hunt – Mushroom loved the idea! So we headed to the old East London Waterworks, which is now a nature reserve.

We stopped to play our version of Pooh sticks at the river (we used wild flowers, which makes for a prettier result not apparent in this photo!)…


…before heading to the minibeast hotel. We did see a few ants and plenty of bees but no ladybirds, unfortunately!

As this week’s mission was to find bugs we didn’t go to the viewing platform to see the ‘special’ ducks but here are a few photos from the last time we went, to give you a taste!

We did, however, pop into the cafe for lunch and to say hello to the fake ducks and educate ourselves.

Although this bug hunt was a little disappointing, Mushroom wasn’t fazed. The next day we only popped out quickly to the shop but Mushroom was still on his bug hunt mission… And he wasn’t disappointed! As we cut through a car park, he stopped to examine a hedge and discovered this little lovely:


We will definitely we going on a bug hunt again!

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