Mushroom and his friend (let’s call him Pizza* because he likes pizza and I’ve stuck with the food theme for all of Mushroom’s friends so far) are playing upstairs. The come down, noisily. Both boys are ‘dressed up’ in clothes from the ‘he’ll grow into it’ box from his cousin. These clothes are for 10 year olds and Mushoom and his friend are four. Both boys are wearing jewelry – Mushroom has a Jamaica pendant on and Pizza is wearing one of my old nursing necklaces.

Me: Well, you two are all dressed up!

Mushroom: *proud* Yes, we are getting married!

Pizza: Yes, it’s a wedding.

Me: That’s exciting!

Mushroom: We have to go now.

Pizza: Yes, after the wedding it’s a birthday so we have to go to our party.

Me: A birthday..?

Mushroom: Yes, for the party Mummy…

*Pizza and Mushroom give each other the look*

Clearly, I have a lot to learn about weddings…! 😉