Dear Mushroom,

Mushroom 3rd birthday

Looks nice and calm doesn’t it? There were plenty more kids out of shot! But Chloe (the entertainer) was great and keeping them all under control. Definitely worth the fee!

The last time I wrote you a letter like this you had just turned two. Last month, you turned three. You had your first birthday party and it was brilliant to watch your reaction as one by one all your friends turned up. You introduced some of them to each other, saying proudly ‘that’s my friend!’ of each one. You joined in enthusiastically with the singing entertainer and it was a joy to watch you. I loved how you tried to make sure everyone was ok, even going to find a friend who had hidden out of sight and sit with him for a bit, getting him to join in. I thought you might find it a bit overwhelming but although exhausted afterwards, you were fine. I think we’ll do a smaller scale celebration next year though!

In many ways you are much the same – you still have similar interests; all those I listed in your letter last year remain the same: An interest in anything to do with transport (you love riding your scooter everywhere and your balance bike, although you’ve been dropping a lot of hints about a bike with pedals lately! You’re ready but you might have to wait a bit), music and dancing, cooking and cleaning (you’re forever trying to ‘help’ me – I hope this interest continues into your teenage years!), making things with play-doh, drawing and painting. You have also started singing around the house just like Auntie L used to at your age. Most of the time I have no idea what you’re singing but it’s pleasant to listen to. I especially love your rendition of ‘Twinkle Twinkle,’ – the one I do recognise!

Of course some things have changed. For a start, you were potty trained this year so we are no totally free of nappies – day and night – and you rarely have accidents. Yay! That was quite a relief. I do not miss nappies and neither do you. In fact, you request privacy when going to the toilet, telling me ‘close the door properly Mummy,’ or telling me not to look at you if we’re both in the bathroom at the same time. I’m not sure how you’ll feel when you look back and see I’ve written about this! So, moving on…

You’re not as cautious as you were a year ago but still just as adventurous – if not more so! That wobbly bridge was replaced with a high slide – a very high one – that you negotiated first time with no help (you refused my offer) and you now fly down it head first with your ‘go faster’ face on. I don’t share photos of your face here but ask me about it and I’ll show you. The ‘go faster’ face is reserved for when you want to move at great speed (you don’t actually go any faster, you just think you do!) and when running it’s accompanied by a cartoon style pose that reminds me of the road runner cartoons (you’re too young – look it up on YouTube). You’re still just as adventurous with food and will eat anything (provided I explain what it is if it’s new), which I am so thankful for as I know many kids go through a fussy stage at three! You’re not keen on couscous (the texture I think) but if you’re hungry, you’ll eat it.

You remain cautious over some things – you are very good at crossing the road safely, often telling me I ‘didn’t look properly!’ if you haven’t seen me visibly stop and do so before crossing small roads. You’re also still cautious around strangers but much more confident than last year. It’s lovely watching you walk up to other kids in the park and say ‘Hello?’ to see if they’ll play with you. It’s not so lovely when they don’t respond how you’d like and occasionally you lash out at them. I understand that it hurts and you don’t yet have the words to describe these feelings but we’re working on this.

Although you do occasionally lash out in frustration, you are still just as loving as you always have been. You love to kiss and cuddle family and friends but you also have strong appropriate boundaries. Your desire to reach out sometimes means you cross others’ boundaries though – not everyone wants to be touched all the time! – but you’re learning more every day and as your emotional vocabulary expands and you can put your big feelings into words, they won’t spill over so often into tantrums and/or tears.

You talk a lot. A lot. Possibly more than me, which is saying something! You tell us everything at the moment. You’re just learning how to lie be creative with your storytelling but your honesty always wins out. If we ask ‘are you telling the truth?’ You’ll laugh and say ‘No,’ but continue with your story anyway before eventually giving up and being honest. Your vocabulary is wide and you’re adding several new words or phrases every day but you still get upset if you can’t quite explain what you mean. You’ll start with ‘wait a minute, I thinking,’ and have a serious look on your face. Then you stutter a little as you stumble over a few words and decide they’re not quite right. You’ll try and talk around the subject – you’re becoming very creative with this, saying things like ‘We go there with Strawberry last time’ to describe the farm, for example – but if you can’t find the words you either get tearful or grumpy, stamping your feet and crossing your arms as you say ‘I don’t wanna tell you! I not talking any more!’ I try not to laugh.

You are still a little comedian. You parrot other people, as all kids do, and sometimes your impersonations are spot on. You’ve got Grandma down and your ‘Daddy face’ (his stern/grumpy face) is hilarious. You impersonate yourself pretty well too and love it when people laugh at your jokes. You’re not so keen when you think people are laughing at you, saying ‘Stop laughing! Not funny!’ But if we quote Peppa Pig and say ‘It is a little bit funny,’ you end up if not laughing too, then at least smiling with us. Let’s face it, with a bit of distance, most things are a little bit funny in the end, aren’t they?

Well that’s all I can think of for now but I’m sure that’s enough! You’re growing into a real little man and I love watching you grow – just slow down a bit, ok? I don’t want to find I’ve gone to ‘threenager’ to teenager too quickly!  I’m looking forward to seeing what the next year brings. So bring it on!

Love as always,


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