Last week I swam by myself for the first time.

What no applause? Ok, let me start again. *drum roll please*

Last week I swam BY MYSELF!

I know, I know. I’m awesome. Actually, I’ve been quite capable of this for a while but I don’t like Mummy to know too much or she might raise her expectations of me. You see, for the past month I have been clinging to her for most of the swimming lesson each week, crying that ‘I can’t do it by myself!’ Some weeks I’d give her a treat and use both my arms and my legs while she holds my waist. But if Jenni* gets out the floats and I’m supposed to let go? No Way. I need to hold on to Mummy or she might let me go forever. Can’t be having that.

Anyway, last week I was selected by Jenni to be her special helper*. So Mummy wasn’t needed for a bit. When it came to being a space  rocket she had disappeared!** She wasn’t there to hold me so I ended up with Jenni, who saw right through me. ‘I know you can do this,’ she said, and just held my hands so I had to do all the work. I quite enjoyed it a actually. After that we did some kicking with floats… and Jenni LET GO OF ME. It would say it was cruel but I kept kicking and swam a bit – by myself! So this post is basically a Yay Me post. Feel free to send chocolate and flowers to congratulate me. I like tulips. And dandelions.

This is not me. I’m not that confident! Yet. Give me a week.

*Jenni is my teacher. She is special. I think she likes me the best so I told Mummy I don’t want to move up a class
**Mummy came back in the end and said she’d been watching me the whole time. I think she’s telling the truth. I’ll ask Jenni next week.


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