Once upon a time there was a Mummy and a Mushroom. Although they loved all the usual places they visited locally, they were always on the lookout for somewhere new to make friends and eat cake.

One day, Mushroom and his Mummy tumbled down a Rabbit Hole* and found themselves in a weird and wonderful new place. Was it a shop? Was it a cafe? Or was it a playgroup? Mushroom certainly wasn’t sure…

2014-10-03 12.41.01

Look Mummy, a pretend baby! Is that a real shop..?

2014-10-03 11.59.08

Then he saw something else that made him stop.

A little garden with a gate…

What a great idea!
Somewhere to play that keeps the babies near
They keep the gate closed so the babies stay inside
And don’t mess with the big kids’ toys outside!

2014-10-03 12.12.45

Like the kitchen where Mushroom pretended to bake
Or the book corner where he couldn’t decide which one to take!

There was also hot chocolate
The magical kind…
A spicy one for grown-ups…
“And,” said Mushroom, “this one’s all mine!”

Whatever this place was they agreed
This melt in the mouth brownie what just what they needed!

2014-10-03 11.59.55


*This poem/story was inspired by our recent visit (our first, and long overdue!) to The Rabbit Hole in Stratford. We were not asked to write a review but loved it so much we wanted to share.


More thoughts: It’s a bit of a strange location but worth making your way down there. There is plenty going on, especially for younger children (Mushroom is a little old for some of the events now, unfortunately). Check out the Facebook page to find out what’s new and if you do pop down, make sure you say hi to the owner Nicci – she’s lovely!