This summer, Mummy and Daddy took me to the zoo for the first time. They were very excited about this and kept saying I would see ‘Lions and tigers and bears.. Oh My!’ I still don’t know what the ‘Oh My’ is about but Mummy said one day I’ll watch a movie and I’ll get it. Whatever.



So. We got to the train station and then it was a looooong walk to the zoo. We walked through a lovely park and I wanted to stay there and play but Mummy and Daddy seemed to be in a rush to get to the zoo. What’s the big hurry? The animals aren’t going anywhere (are they…?).  Anyway. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt.

The first thing I saw when I entered the park was a giant gorilla. I asked if I was allowed to touch him as he was staying very still so it seemed safe. Mummy laugh and said he wasn’t real. I don’t like it when Mummy laughs at me, it’s not nice.

'Feeding' the Gorilla

I ignored Mummy and stuck my hand in his mouth. He didn’t bite.

We walked around the zoo, starting with some big birds. I liked the eagles but they kept flying off where I couldn’t see them and the small birds were bit boring. Where were the lions and tigers and bears I’d been promised? “Soon,” they told me. There are a lot of animals in the zoo. We stopped to look at some monkeys. That was funny. They were running and jumping on the trees like I do on the sofa at home…

As we turned from the monkeys to go and find some lions, I was distracted by a giant sign…. Penguins!! I love penguins! I was so excited I could hardly get the words out… ‘Mummy, Mummy… P.. P…Pengiun Penguin!’ I shouted, dragging her across to Penguin Beach (there was no sand. Is is still a beach?).

Flying penguin

It was brilliant. We watched the penguins diving under the water (like me at swimming! I go under the water too, sometimes) to catch their fish ice lollipops for their lunch. The big birds kept diving in too, to steal some. I enjoyed watching them for quite a long time but the lady who was talking about them talked for a lot longer. Too long, if you ask me! No-one did but I made it clear. Also, she kept talking about the penguin babies but there weren’t any! Mummy said they had grown up… So why talk about them then? I didn’t get it. Time to go!

We went looking for the lions but they weren’t there. Mummy said maybe they were taking a nap and I was a bit disappointed until I saw a cheetah slink by… I thought they were tigers at first but Mummy explained the difference (not very well. I’m not sure she knows enough about them) and then showed me a tiger. I liked the tigers more and wanted to see the babies but they were hiding! Maybe it was naptime for all the big cats…

We saw LOADS more animals: Giraffes, okapi (the giraffes’ cousins), hippos (I loved the pygmy hippos!), zebras, camels, more monkeys, sloths, loads of cool night animals (it was a bit dark in there. I didn’t stay too long) even fish and bugs!

By the time we got to the gorillas it was naptime so I got a quick look but fell asleep on Daddy as soon as he picked me up. I did play with the pretend ones outside first though. I like gorillas.

I had a great day at the zoo and loved learning about all the animals while I was there. Mummy said I can go back one day. I can’t wait.


What? I like bees too.

What? I like bees too.

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