Hello again,

Mummy’s a bit miserable at the moment as she didn’t quite achieve everything she’d planned for this year – see her New Year’s post over at Honest Speaks: No promises, no resolutions. See? Blah blah blah. So I’m taking over here.

I didn’t plan to achieve ANYTHING this year so of course I have surpassed all expectations. Yay me! Mummy’s yearly email from Future Me listed all the things she thought she would achieve (she did achieve some of them actually, she’ll realise this later) as well as her hopes for me. So I’ll start with that.

Mummy hoped I would be potty trained by now…. Check. I am even dry at night now – no more nappies, woo hoo!

Mummy wondered if I would be speaking a bit more – enough to hold a ‘proper’ conversation…. Check. Actually there was nothing wrong with my conversation before, she just wasn’t listening hard enough but now that I have more actual words to play with she pays more attention and is starting to realise just how insightful and hilarious I am. Seriously. I’m sure she’ll share her thoughts on this soon enough.

Mummy wondered whether I’d be able to say ‘I love you’ by now…. Check. Actually, I can say ‘I love you’ and ‘sorry.’ Gets me out of a whole heap of trouble that does. Useful things, these words…

Mummy wondered whether I’d be able to ride my balance bike properly… Check. I leave her in the dust! I am now learning to pedal at nursery (we have nothing with pedals on at home. Nothing. *sigh*). I’m getting there and soon I’ll be demanding asking for a proper bike. At the moment I practice pedaling at home when they’re trying to put me to bed.

As for me, well I am very pleased with my progress. I’ve been to several parties this year, eaten a whole heap of cake and even been to the theatre a few times! I’ve also learned how to put on my own shoes, trousers and coat. Vests and t-shirts are a bit trickier but I’m getting there. I’ve also learned how to do ‘the look.’ You know the one parents do when they disapprove? That. I’ve got it down. Now when Mummy or Daddy give me the look I give it right back to make them laugh. That doesn’t always work though.  I suppose it depends on what I’ve been up to. Turns out stealing Daddy’s headphones is not a laughing matter. Neither is drawing on the walls… Still, you live and learn.

So, I’ve done pretty well don’t you think? The biggest revelation for me in 2013 is that saying you’re sorry and/or that you love someone is a good way to get out of trouble. If that fails, make them laugh! I’m gonna work on more ways to do that. Alright 2014, bring it on – I’m ready for ya!