Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve got to talk to you directly. I’ve been a bit busy, you see. Since I talked about being big and starting school in May, I’ve been hanging out with Mummy over the summer and getting ready to actually start Big School (you know, in Real Life).

Here are some of the words I’ve been using to describe school the past couple of weeks (I have learned some new words. Some are a bit big): Scary. Exciting. Weird. Confusing. Awesome. Wrong (they do some things all wrong!). Silver (I am on silver in my class because I am helpful and kind). Grown-up. Cool (I think I am cool now. I even carry my school backpack on one shoulder like the big kids. Mummy does not appreciate this).

So, what was my first day like? Well, I hitched a ride on Daddy and that was fun. I was so excited to be in my uniform and really starting… but when I got there I was scared. I wanted Mummy and Daddy to stay and keep me safe. They stayed a little while but then they had to go. I cried for my friend in another class, and all my nursery friends who I knew and missed. Everything was so new and big! I thought I could see monsters everywhere and I didn’t feel very big.

The day got better. I had a nice time but was so tired at the end of the day. I fell asleep on the sofa and Mummy woke me for dinner!  I Was. Not. Happy. But once I’d calmed down, I told Mummy about the monsters and we talked about making friends with them. I felt a bit better but I was still scared in the mornings for the next two days and cried a bit (big boys do cry, you know). However (do you like my big word?), by the end of the week I was getting used to my monsters and there were no tears. I was still nervous going in but there is just so much to look forward to each day!

Pencil sharpeners are awesome. And a bit weird.

Pencil sharpeners are awesome. And a bit weird.

Last week I started going to breakfast and teatime club some days and that was like starting all over again. I get a big breakfast if I want (spaghetti hoops on toast!) but mostly I had cereal as I find it hard to use my big voice to ask for things. Mummy asks for me sometimes. On the days I do both clubs I get so tired and want to nap! Sometimes I get a bit cross with Mummy or Daddy when they come to get me because all I want to do is sleep. I have made a good friend though, he’s bigger than me – 6, nearly 7! – so I listen very carefully to everything he tells me about school because he knows so much. He told me he used to be very quiet at school too, when he first started. He’s not quiet now! I like him a lot.

Remember those monsters I thought I saw on my first day..? Most of them have gone now. Mummy and I are getting used to the new routine (Friday is ‘treat day’ after school, that’s my favourite) and I’ve made some lovely friends. So, even if more monsters show up, I think me and my new friends can take them on together.

How about you? Are your kids getting used to school/being back at school? Are you? Do you have monsters you need to make friends with too..?