Last weekend Mushroom and I were in Liverpool with my sister, staying with friends and visiting family in New Ferry. Mushroom spent a lot of time playing with the dog (thankfully, overcoming a recent fear he acquired when a dog tried to bite me), playing with old toys, playing football and bouncing around on the trampoline in the garden at our friends’ house with his new ‘best friends’ who he took to calling ‘The Boy’ (with whom he spent most of his time) and ‘The brother’ (they are 13 year old twins).

As a lot of the outdoor time was spent just walking from one place to another Mushroom was usually asleep in his buggy (yes, managed to get him to have some nap time so me and my sis had some catch-up time too!), so when he complained he’d not been ‘out,’ we promised we’d take him to Birkenhead Park to feed the ducks.

It was a nice sunny morning when we went to visit ‘MummyNanny’ (my Nan) and we headed back to go to the park later afternoon… And then it started pouring with rain. Still, a promise is a promise and the dog needed walking so…


Will this be enough bread?
Um yes, I think so…
Good, I eat some too

We fed a couple of ducks who were on the bank before the rain got heavier… and heavier… The ducks swam across to a willow tree and gathered under it, leaving one lone drake eating the bread we’d thrown while pigeons gathered to grab the bits we’d dropped nearby…


Mummy the ducks are swimming away!

Then more pigeons arrived…


Oh gosh Mummy, the pigeon birds are eating all the ducks bread. Poor duckies. Let’s go *shovels rest of bread into mouth*


So… I say it’s nice weather for ducks but they didn’t seem too impressed either! Mushroom had fun though, both feeding the ducks and running around the park throwing the ball for the dog. It was wet and miserable, yes but I’m still glad we got out!

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