This morning, I asked Mushroom what the most amazing things he’s ever done or seen are… being as he is, totally immersed in the present, he replied with:

  • Playing bouncy with the boys (on the trampoline at a friends’ house)
  • Pirate Ship! (creative climbing frame at our local Jubilee Park)
  • Olympic park. Not with nursery. I’m not allowed to touch the sand with nursery
  • Making cakes with Mummy
  • My scooter. My bike. My bike hasn’t got pedals (he’s hinting his desire to move on from his balance bike)

He struggled to come up with more but I think that’s pretty good for a three year old put on the spot.

Recent research commissioned by Persil showed that older children (those aged 6 – 11) list Legoland as number one when asked what they thought the top seven wonders of the world were. As well as the list of seven, which also includes he Pyramids (no.3), Harry Potter World (no.4) and the London Eye (no.6), the children revealed that they most enjoyed themselves when simply playing outside. Almost 70% said that their favorite activities were riding their bikes and scooters. So Mushroom is in good company.

This research is part of Persil’s Kid’s Today project, which aims to understand just how children see the world. Persil commissioned BAFTA award winning Director Rupert Edwards to create six films that literally show the world from a child’s perspective. A unique piece of technology, the eyeView camera, was created especially for this project.   Head over to the website to watch the results. Here’s our favourite, which explains – from their perspective – what it’s like to be a kid.

If you like this film, and the others, too –  share them and/or you can join in the conversation with #kidstoday

Haven’t got time to watch the video? Well here’s a synopsis: It’s close to the ground, it’s very very busy and it’s messy. Of course, that’s where Persil comes in.

Generally, as a family we use whatever is on offer in the supermarket but we have used Persil small & mighty a lot and it always does the job well. I hadn’t used it as a pre-treater before but when we were contacted about the possibility of doing a review this was mentioned so the next time Mushroom came home with a stained t-shirt (some sort of pasta sauce at nursery – although it looks like chocolate to me), I tried it….

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The results speak for themselves!

I’ve never stopped Mushroom getting dirty before anyway as, like Persil, I believe that ‘dirt is good,’ and that children learn as much through play as they can do through more traditional learning methods. It does help to know that those inevitable  grass, mud and of course, food stains will come out in the wash though!

What about you? What do your kids count as their ‘world wonders,’ and do you worry about them getting messy or do you get in there with them and deal with the dirt later? 

Disclosure: I received a bottle of Persil small & mighty but was under no obligation to write a review and share this research, I was impressed with the pre-treater function that I’d not used before and found the research interesting! Read my full PR and disclosure policy here.