Me and Mushroom could see ‘Mr Moon’ this morning.

Ages ago, I saw a poem about the moon being out too soon. I didn’t have Mushroom then so didn’t have much opportunity to use it (it being a poem for kids) and I forgot it.

This morning, when we saw the moon, I took what I remembered from that poem and made up a new version, just for Mushroom.

Sorry, I know this is a rubbish photo. Look real close – the moon is there!

So from now on when we see the moon in the daytime, we’ll be singing:

‘Mr Moon, Mr Moon, you’re out too soon

No it’s Mr Sun’s time to play

Go back to bed

Rest your sleepy head

And come back out at the end of the day’

If anyone knows the ‘proper’ moon song, let me know so that I can add it to this post.

I also write more original children’s poems and stories, some of which I think I might start sharing here. Do come back and look out for them!