The end of this week has seen the return of the rain so we’ve been doing a bit more indoor activity. As we’ve been out and about a lot lately, it’s actually made a pleasant change for us!

This morning we made an egg box monster, inspired by CBeebies Mister Maker. We actually didn’t have anything needed for the things he made on the show but Mushroom said “let’s make a Mister Maker thing! Let’s paint!” So I went through the recycling and we improvised.

We painted the outside of the box purple.

2014-02-28 09.08.55

Mushroom wanted to mix colours together so this was also a good teaching opportunity. He knew we needed red but couldn’t remember if it was blue or green we added to make purple and needed reminding.

2014-02-28 09.07.05

Then  I suggested we painted the inside red for the mouth. Mushroom told me ‘no, it’s pink,’ and showed me his tongue. Of course, he was right so we did some more mixing – this time red, white and a sort of clear sparkly pink, which made a lovely coral colour

2014-02-28 10.43.05

Once dry, we added eyes, teeth and voila! An egg box monster!

2014-02-28 17.00.41

Birthday baking

Also in this week’s indoor activity, we volunteered to make Grandma’s birthday cake!

It’s a simple sponge recipe, with added choc chips and peppermint essence. It was supposed to be green but we didn’t use enough food colouring so we covered it with chocolate buttercream icing and topped it with sprinkles.

Grandma cake

We did also manage to get out and about a little, with Mushroom riding his bike to the shop to buy the ingredients!

2014-02-27 10.08.31

Those googles again… He’s very attached! This weekend we did actually go swimming so they were used as intended for once!