Did you finish your dinner last night? If not, what did you do with the leftovers? make something for the next day? Feed it to the dog? Throw it out..? We often give little thought to the food that we  chuck because it’s past it’s sell-by/best-before date (it’s often still good to eat a while after these dates) but in some parts of the world – and in some case closer to home than you might think – children are going hungry every day.

The world produces enough food for everyone, yet hunger kills over 200 children every hour.

This year as David Cameron heads the G8 group, over 100 charities have joined forces to coordinate a social media campaign to address this issue. The PM has called a ‘special event’ on hunger the day before the G8 so this is a once on a generation opportunity to make a real difference to world hunger. This goal is within our reach, IF we act together…

There’s enough food for everyone, but not everyone has enough food…

Tell a million – How you can help:

IF you have 30 seconds

sign the petition: www.savethechildren.org.uk/enoughfoodif

IF you have two minutes

follow @savechildrenuk and https://www.facebook.com/savethechildrenuk and  on social media & share the campaign link with your friends using the hashtags #if and #tellamillion

IF you have five minutes or more

Write a blog post about the campaign and help to tell a million people about the campaign. There’s a social media kit over at Save the Children which has everything you need. Or, you could even just reblog this post.

Go, spread the word