A couple of week’s ago I read a few comments on my twitter feed about Nothing But snacks and I liked the sound of what I read so I headed over the Nothing But’s website to find out more. It turned out that these snacks are simply freeze dried vegetables. No additives, just plain and simple veggies.

The only freeze dried food I’ve tried before was ice cream from the science museum and I wasn’t sure about that but the idea of freeze dried vegetables intrigued me. Mushroom and I love veggies as snacks but of course it’s not always practical to carry them around. I thought that these might be the answer! So I asked to try some. Nothing But kindly obliged and sent us samples of the Mange Tout & Red Pepper and the Sliced Beetroot and Parsnip flavours.

Nothing But

The package arrived this week and it was almost lunchtime so Mushroom and I decide to try them as a starter!

We opened the first pack and inspected the contents…

Nothing But red pepper and mange tout

Mushroom couldn’t decide which to try first so took both packets and tried them all at once!

Nothing But.. Both bags!

‘Ooooh crunchy!’

He especially liked the red pepper, declaring ‘[it’s a] little bit sweet…’

We also had fun with the packaging that Nothing But sent the samples in!

Nothing But.. Packaging!

Yes but would we buy them?

Yes, probably but how often does depend on how pricey they are – multipacks would be great if they are available. In terms of taste, first impressions are good – I enjoyed them even more than I thought I would! Handy, healthy and tasty, I would definitely buy them for that 3pm slump at work. However, I’m not sure about Mushroom. He was enthusiastic in the morning but in the afternoon I offered them again and he asked for ‘proper crisps not vegetables.’ Perhaps he just wanted something different though so I will try him with them again as they’re perfect when you’re out and about and want to offer a healthy snack that won’t ruin your toddler’s tea (or teeth!).

Disclosure: We received some samples free of charge but were under no obligation to review. Opinions are mine (Mushroom’s Mum) and Mushroom’s own. Read my full PR and disclosure policy here.