This week I am once again taking part in Slummy Single Mummy’s ‘A week in tweets.’ Previously, I have tweeted as Mushroom (see here and here) but this week’s challenge was to share boring updates. You can read Jo’s (Slummy Mummy’s) boring updates here.¬†Mushroom is far to witty and interesting for this assigment, so I am ‘tweeting’ – only two of these are actually from my twitter stream ’cause I didn’t tweet much this week – as myself.’ I can do boring pretty well:

In Greenwich park with Mushroom sharing some potato wedges & thinking we should move to the shade.But not doing anything about it. #lazydays

At work. Annoyed as I was planning to take a stroll round the park at lunchtime but am too busy. Boo. Got a tasty salad though #Godi’mboring

Mushroom overate & then vomited today. Nice. Pleased to say that baking soda worked on both the stain and the smell though #mustgetoutmore

Started (no cry) sleep training Mushroom again last night. He was asleep in 30 mins but still woke up 3 times. Will he ever sleep through?

Mushroom had his MMR today. He was very curious about the syringe and shouted a bit after each jab but didn’t really cry. #proudmummy

Had lunch with my sister and Mushroom at Westfield then went & got a new car seat from Argos – at half price! Bargain. Missed the sun today

Mushroom only woke up twice last night! So am using his #naptime to do writing. Well that’s the idea. Should really turn twitter off.

Not doing anything for the jubilee. Is it just me…? It’s just too wet. Don’t mind the rain but I find this half hearted drizzle annoying.

So that was my week… I would say I hope you enjoyed reading but I doubt you’re still awake after that! Hopefully my next post will be at least marginally more interesting. Why don’t you come back next week to find out (see what I did there)? Til next time!