This weekend just gone, I have been catching up on what’s been going on over at BritMums. Apart from the occasional ‘Silent Sunday,’ post, I haven’t taken on a blogging prompt or joined in with a meme for a while now.

On Sunday, I read about a new meme, started by Clare from Seasider in the City. Clare started this meme to publicise a trip to Ethiopia that her friends at BritMums have made with  One, to find our more about the work they are doing to improve and save lives.

I am supporting One in their fights extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa. One is not a charity. It is  grassroots advocacy and campaigning organization that was set up by Bono in. One will never ask for money. All they want is your voice. Want to get involved? You can sign up to One on their website and follow the journey of #OneMums on twitter.

If you have a blog, you can also join in Clare’s meme, which is to take the letters of OneMums (or OneMoms) and create phrases or words that sum up being a Mum for you… Here’s my effort:

One Mum
One woman, many roles
Nurturer. Negotiator
Encouraging. Engaging
Mindful. Magic kiss giver
Understanding. Unconditionally loving
Mum. Mom. Mama. Mother.