So, this week I thought I’d take part in Slummy Single Mummy’s ‘A week in tweets’ again. If you didn’t see my last post, where I ‘tweeted’ as Mushroom for a week, you can read it here.

So, here’s where I let Mushroom take over my laptop and fill us in on his week (he really did type this himself. Honest)*

Nursery today. Was ok this morning but now? Tummy hurts. Head hurts.  Teeth hurt. Mummy put me to bed early. Was grateful. #gonnabealongweek

Felt MUCH better. Got some shapes in the right holes in those stupid wooden things. No one clapped. So I clapped myself #gonnabealongweek

Clinic 2day. One toy. One! And no other babies. I asked about it but Health Visitor (that’s a name?) just said I was cute. #gonnabealongweek

Finally some fun! Singing at Musical Minis. Then a playdate. So happy I kissed my friend. He wasn’t impressed. So I hugged his Mum. She was.

Stayed in ALL day. Tried to play with oven, told ‘No’ a million times. Take me out then! It’s just a bit of rain. You’re ill? Mums can’t be.

Played with building blocks -knocking down Mummy’s towers! Crazy. Mum’s friend came with us to the park. She was so much fun, I kissed her.

Went shopping. Oh fun. NOT. But got to sit on the conveyor belt while we waited for the tills 2 open. It’s the little things. #beenalongweek

*Ok, maybe I am lying. Just a bit.