I thought it was about time I shared a recipe! Mushroom and I do a  lot of cooking activity together but my aversion to measuring out ingredients means that things don’t always go to plan and when they do, I’m never quite sure how to share the recipe.

This week, Mushroom and I had a go at making soft oaty bars a la Goodies. I looked at the ingredients and figured they’re basically sugar free flapjacks so I searched for a few recipes online to see what else was out there… Then we made up our own. Here’s how we did it (all ingredients are approximate!):

You will need: 160g porridge oats, 100g raisin, 2 apples (cored and grated), 1tsp cinnamon, tsp ginger (or used mixed spice), 2 tbsp butter or margarine (we used Clover), 2tbsp honey (one for drizzling!) and one fruit shoot (apple and pear flavour, or 1 cup regular apple or pear juice)

2013-06-27 09.13.39

Method: Add the grated apple, raisins and cinnamon to a bowl.

2013-06-27 09.15.32

 Pour in the melted butter…

2013-06-27 09.16.20

…then add the porridge oats, stirring as you go.

2013-06-27 09.17.40

Add a tablespoon of honey…

2013-06-27 09.18.07

And finally, the fruit shoot!

2013-06-27 09.16.49

Stir until you have a thick porridgey consistency, then transfer to a baking tray (we used a cake tin this time). Drizzle honey on the top and then put it in the oven at gas mark 4 for 30 minutes.

2013-06-27 09.24.09

Leave it to cool, remove from the tin/tray and then cut into slices…

2013-06-27 10.37.26

Et Voila!

2013-06-30 07.06.39

Next time we might try banana and chopped dates (we can probably leave out the honey for this) or even strawberry and chocolate chips (although of course then they won’t be sugar free…). If you try these, do let us know what you think by adding a comment below!