Look who's talking (credit: Flick creative commons)

Ok, he’s not really talking, not quite… But he really is trying. His non verbal communication is very good and he uses a handful of Makaton baby signs with some reliability but he only says a few words that I recognise. So, just for a laugh, I thought I’d post a sample conversation with a very vocal toddler who has yet to acquire enough language to get his point across.

Mushroom (M): Maamee?
Me (R): Yes baby?
M: Yayaya dodee? *Wags finger in direction of TV*
R: Want to watch CBeebies?
M: Yeaah *Grins and nods*
R: Ok then. I think Mr Tumble is on now.
M: Tumbee Tumbee! *Touches nose.*

*We watch ‘Something Special’ in relative peace for 10 minutes with Mushroom trying out the new signs.*

M: Maamee. *Whiny voice. Pulls book from shelf.*
R: You want a story? (M nods) Ok then…. *Pulls Mushroom onto lap* ‘In the light of the moon, a little egg..’
M: No! No! Naaaah! Throws book on floor.

R: That’s the book you gave me. Which one do you want?

M: Peas. Peas. *Makes sign for ‘please’ to be clear he’s not requesting a plate of vegetables but his current favourite book, ‘Please Baby, Please.’

R: Ok then. *Reads book once.*
M: More, more.
R: *Reads book two more times.* Ok that’s enough now, shall we have a snack?

M: No! More!
R: Shall we go for a walk? Outside?
M: Yeah. *runs to get shoes.*

*We get ready to go to the local park – a short walk but enough of a distraction – I’m hoping – from the book.*

M: Maamee? *Holds up book.*
R: You can’t bring the book to the park sweetheart. Put it back on the shelf and we’ll read again it later.
M: *Evil stare (something like this).* Naaaaah!
R: We are not taking the book. Come on. *Tries to take book from┬ásurprisingly┬ástrong grip without ripping it. Just about succeeds.* Ok, let’s go.
M: Peas, peas! *Stamping feet.*
R: *Using firmest ‘Supernanny’ style voice.* No Mushroom, no books at the park. Later. Let’s choose another toy.
M: Naah! Peas!

*cue tantrum.*

This kind of conversation now happens at least once a day.

Do you/did you have similar conversations with your toddlers below? If so, please share your stories below!