Before the summer started I cleared out Mushroom’s drawers to make way for his summer clothes (it looks like I will shortly be sorting him out again for winter now! The summer never seems to last long enough) and found a couple of 0-6 months sleeping bags. I was planning to put them in storage but for some reason I left them out (I can’t remember why, I expect I was interrupted for something terribly important, in Mushroom’s eyes).

Later that week Mushroom was sick and I had to change his sheets. We didn’t have a clean pillow case so I grabbed one of these sleeping bags and tried it. Perfect fit. It just happened to be an In The Night Garden sleeping bag and Mushroom went back to sleep smiling and talking about Iggle Piggle despite feeling unwell.

2013-07-30 13.47.13

Feeling pleased with myself about coming up with a way of re-using this sleeping bag that made Mushroom so happy, I decided to try and think of other uses for it, rather than storing it away.

The next best use I came up with was as a sunshade. Mushroom’s buggy doesn’t really protect him from the sun (and he often throws his hat off in frustration – ‘head hot Mummy!’) so it worked perfectly to keep him in the shade on really hot days… See?

2013-07-06 08.58.08

I came up with a couple more ideas so thought I would share them here in case you, too, have a couple of old ones lying around.

  • Hygiene mat (for changing tables when you don’t have/have forgotten your own mat)
  • Buggy protector for newly potty trained toddlers (we still sometimes use a slightly heavier (2.5 tog) baby sleeping bag for Mushroom on long journeys

If you think of any more, do comment below to let me know so I can steal your ideas too. Thanks. 😉