This morning Mushroom and I were walking to nursery, discussing what he would do with ‘Turtle’ (a small soft toy) that he’d taken from home. I was trying to get him to agree that Turtle should stay in his bag so we wouldn’t lose him (we have lost quite a few toys to nursery recently). Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: What shall we do with Turtle when we get to nursery Mushroom?

Mushroom: Play!

Me: I mean, where shall we put Turtle… In your bag? Or in my bag, and I can bring him back later, when I finish work?

Mushroom: Him?

Me: Um. Is Turtle a boy or a girl?

Mushroom: He’s a boy.

Me: Ok, just checking.

Mushroom: He’s NOT A CHICKEN!

Me: What?

Mushroom: He’s a turtle, Mummy. *Shakes head*