Day 1:

Mushroom: *hands me a toy car with a bit missing* Broken Mummy. Daddy didn’t do it…

Me: *raises eyebrow* Daddy didn’t? Did you, Mushroom…?

Mushroom: No! But Daddy didn’t anyway. Can you fix this?

Me: Yes, but I’ll need superglue… and don’t worry about it, accidents happen and you can still play with it.

Day 2:

Mushroom: Mummy this car is still broken…

Me: Oh yes, I haven’t done anything about fixing it yet have I?

Mushroom: No, because you have to buy some superhero glue

Me: Superhero glue?

Mushroom: Yes, it’s a bit special. My glue is not superheroes one. But I can try!

Day 3:

Mushroom: *serious face* Mummy.

Me: Yes, Mushroom?

Mushroom: *hands me car covered in Pritt Stick* My glue is not a superheroes one.

I still haven’t fixed this car. I just haven’t got round to buying superheroes glue yet 😉