We are half-watching Peppa Pig (again). Mushroom is asking me to re-tell a complicated made-up story about how Peppa took him into the TV and he is ‘Mushroom Pig.’ He stops to watch as Peppa and George are getting ready for bed.

Mushroom: Mummy can I have a bunk bed one day?

Me: I don’t know Mushroom. Peppa and George share a room so they need two beds that don’t take up much space. There’s just you in your room so you don’t really need a bunk bed, do you?

Mushroom: *Thoughtful* No. I don’t have a brother or a sister.*

Me: No…

Mushroom: Maybe we should get one…

Me: Get one?

Mushroom: Yes, we could buy me a sister.

Me: Um, where do you think we could buy a sister from Mushroom?

Mushroom: The supermarket.

Me: …and how much do you think we would need?

Mushroom: £2.


Mushroom: Mummy? Can you make up a story about me and I’m Mushroom Pig? You didn’t finish!

This really threw me, as one of Mushroom’s favourite books is Babette Cole’s ‘Mummy Laid an Egg!’ So he knows where babies come from!

*If anyone is wondering whether Mushroom is getting a brother or sister, I’ll just refer you to this post, which should cover it.