I love the way kids talk. The way they get their words mixed up, don’t pronounce them quite right and can’t get the hang of grammar rules (English grammar is ridiculously hard!)… I find all of this adorably cute. I always have done but hearing Mushroom make his own little mistakes as he ‘practices my talking’ makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

So, before he gets old enough to learn how to speak properly, and then hits his teens and ‘forgets’ again in a way that is probably not going to be ‘cute’ at all, here’s a round-up of things he says now that I love (and what they mean):

Bless you me – He says this when he sneezes and no-one else blesses him.

I lub you/I lub you better – Needs no explanation. Awwwwwww.

I not happy! – You’ve really annoyed me.

That’s not properly! – You’re not doing my way.

Oh dear!/Oh gosh! – Something has/You have really annoyed me. He had started to say ‘oh shit!’ which he claimed ‘Daddy says it.’ Hmmm… We talked about what he can say instead. So imagine ‘Oh dear’ shouted with that tone. And a bit of foot stamping. Now try to keep a straight face…!

Oops Days! – Whoops a Daisy. I never say this. He picked it up at nursery, I think and even though he can say it properly now he still sometimes reverts to Oops days. I love it. I have lots of Oops Days myself.

I tell you yesterday! – I’ve mentioned this before sometime in the past few months.

I’m  not say/tell you any more – You’re taking too long to understand me. I give up.

I’m practice talking – I’m trying out new words/phrases OR Let me finish, I’m trying to find the words and you need to be patient with me.

My words aren’t working – I can’t remember/don’t know the words to say what I mean. I still feel like this quite often myself.

I hurt yourself – I’ve hurt you. Adorable if it was an accident. Less cute if he’s just hit me mid-tantrum.

Togedda – Together. As in ‘No Mummy, come wid me, I want to slide togedda!’ or ‘Can I go togedda with this boy/girl?’ Am working on getting him to ask other children directly!

I don’t want to use talking! – See I’m  not say/tell you any more.

That’s too wrong! – That’s wrong. In my world. In a way that really annoys me.

That’s too noisy! – Something is too loud or sounds annoying/You and Daddy are talking and I’m trying to watch TV/want your attention on me (we are never ‘too noisy’ when he is the centre of attention)

Noighty – Naughty. I can’t capture his pronounciation  properly but trust me it’s cute.

MummyDaddy – Parent. He refers to me and Mr B as ‘MummyDaddy’ if he’s not bothered which of us answer him. He also sometimes refers to his friends ‘MummyDaddy’ if he means both their parents.

I’m sure there’s more! I may need to revisit this post to add things as he starts to expand his vocabulary… What does/did your toddler say you that think is worth recording? Please share in the comments below!