It’s my birthday soon. Yay! I am very excited as this year I will be having a Tiny Mites party. I love singing and dancing so it’s perfect for me.

Mummy’s birthday was last week and it was Grandma’s the week before but they’re not important as they are too old for parties (although we did go out for dinner for Grandma’s birthday. I liked that as I got to see all my cousins so I behaved myself. Mummy said I did very well).

Because I am so very important… And big. I am bigger than Mummy now. She disagrees but I don’t think she understand what BIG means, really… I did an interview for you. Mummy came up with the questions so I could tell you all even more about me. Because you’re surely more interested in me than her, right? So I expect more comments than she got for her recent Mummy meme (meme. That’s a funny word). Anyway, here you go:

How old are you?

One *laughing*


No. I two.

When is your birthday?

Another day. Not today.

What are you doing for your birthday?

Party!!! I Tiny Mites! I dancing! *shaking hips*

Why do you like Tiny Mites so much?

Music Mummy. Dancing. *sighs*

What’s your favourite colour?

Blue. *side eye*



Blue or Red?

Blue. Red…. Red.

What’s your favourite shape?


What does ‘I love you’ mean?

I love you Mummy! *hugs tightly* I happy! Mummy happy?

What is love?

*covers eyes and whispers a girl’s name*

What’s your favourite TV programme?

Bubble Guppies! Gruffalo!

What’s your favourite activity?


What do you like to do best at the park?

Run! Slide, this this: Wheeeeeee!

Do you like sleeping?

No! I not tired!

How old is Mummy?

One. *laughing*

…and Daddy?

One. *hysterical laughter*

What do you like best about nursery days?

Playing! Friends! Painting. Sticking… X (keyworker). X is my friend. He have crisps today.

What do you like best about days at home with Mummy?



Make cakes. Park. See Peanut… and Strawberry!*

Note from MushroomsMum: I totally stole the interview idea from another blogger, having seen her son’s interview last year but I can’t remember who! If it was you, apologies for stealing your style. Please let me know so I can credit you! Thanks.

*Peanut and Strawberry are friends from before nursery days… Peanut’s Daddy is a Daddy Plus… And here’s a photo of Mushroom and Strawberry playing together.