Last year, Mummy did an interview with me for the first time ever.   It took a while because I got bored of the questions quickly so she had to ask a few a day but I know how much you love to hear from me (and it’s been a while since I last had my say!) so I let her interview me again this year. This time, we did it properly. I sat down and she asked me all the questions (all the questions – so many! *sigh*) and I answered them all while eating my dinner. Don’t worry, I didn’t talk with my mouth full!

So, here you go…

How old are you?

Four. *big grin*

When is your birthday?

It was at nursery. I had it already. (Mushroom had a little party at nursery the day before)

What did you do for your birthday?

Go bowling with Strawberry*!

Why do you like bowling so much?

Because I just like it. I like when I throw the ball, like this… *mimes bowling*

What’s your favourite colour?



Yes. Blue.

What’s your favourite shape?

Triangle. It’s got three sides.

What does ‘I love you’ mean?



Nothing. Just I love you.

What is love?

*says friend’s name* and I just love you.

What’s your favourite TV programme?

Let it go! (Frozen), Spiderman! Oh, and Turtles (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

What’s your favourite activity?


Um, what’s that?

Nothing. I like umbrellas. Um… Cars. But you can’t play with the old cars any more. They’re not there.

What happened to them?

They’re not there. I miss them.

What do you like to do best at the park?

Slide. Climb.

Do you like sleeping?

Yes. I’m sleepy now. *pretends to fall asleep*

How old is Mummy?



No. Four.

…and Daddy?

Three… No, 90! *checks reaction* Four..?

What do you like best about nursery days?

Going on the bouncy castle. You can only have two people each time. It’s just a short time. You have to take turns.

What do you like best about days at home with Mummy?

Playing in the park.


*rolls eyes and turns away to indicate interview is over*

As Mummy didn’t ask me about school (I know, can you believe it? She said she wanted the questions to be the same as last year or something), I’ll come back again another day to share my thoughts on that – sometime before I actually start. I hear I will have to go all day, every day! Crazy. Not sure how I feel about that so like I said, I’ll be back. Watch this space.