Hello! It’s been a while since my last post but Mummy has said she’ll let me loose on the computer more often now. Yay! (both for me and for you. I’m much more interesting than her).

So. We went on holiday. To Turkey. I’m a bit confused about that. Not too long ago we went to the farm and Mummy showed me some turkeys. They were birds – sort of, like chickens. They have a funny thing on their necks that I don’t like. Now Turkey is a country like England. Well, not like England at all actually – it’s very different and even looks different on the map. And it’s far away. It’s all a bit too much to get my head round just now. Maybe I’ll get it when I’m bigger.

You’ve probably read Mummy’s post earlier this week, so I’ll try not to tell you the same things, except… I WENT ON AN AEROPLANE! The big ones you see in the sky! Really! We went up in the air and I got to have two lollipops after dinner, which helps my ears (how? I don’t know but they didn’t hurt. I think Daddy’s did though. He looked sad). It was beyond exciting. I don’t think Mummy said nearly enough about it to be honest. I mean, it’s like a giant bus/coach IN THE AIR! It. Was. Awesome. Yes, I do mean that literally. I’m three. Travelling through the air above the clouds is actually awe-inspiring. So much so that I fell asleep with all the excitement.

We arrived at the hotel in the middle of the night (it was soooo dark!) and a man took us to a room that didn’t have a bed for me in it. Mummy and Daddy talked to the man and he went away and came back with a cot. A cot! I’m not a baby. They told me I’d sleep in a different bed but a cot? I was tired and annoyed. I wanted to go home so I cried a lot. But I got over it, eventually.

By the second night I quite liked the cot, it felt safe and cosy. On the fourth night I woke up with my legs stuck down the side (I can’t believe Mummy didn’t tell you that!) and liked it less. But after one night sleeping with Mummy and Daddy all night I realised how much room they take up and asked to go back in the cot (I know, seems crazy right? What can I say? I needed the space). Mummy seemed worried I’d get stuck again – I did, but it wasn’t a big deal – and kept getting up in the night to check on me (I know, I felt her move me). No wonder she joined me at naptimes, bless her.

Anyway. Enough about the cot.

What did I like about the holiday…?

  • Swimming every day, with Mummy! I’m really good now
  • The cat. It lived at the bottom of the stairs to the pool and one day it got in my buggy. It was hilarious.
  • Eating ice cream every day
  • Drinking cocktails. Cocktails! Just like Mummy! And fizzy juice
  • Chips! And as many olives as I can eat (quite a lot. I made Mummy take the stones out first though)

That’s me on the right. Drinking a cocktail

  • Playing with Mummy and Daddy every day. With Mummy I played schools, what’s the time Mr Wolf?, witches, dragons, princesses and superheroes – we both played all parts and Mummy is better at dragons and witches than princesses – and with Daddy I mostly just played with the sand. I tried to get him to be a witch but he just didn’t get it. He tries…

Speaking of Daddy trying… Well. A few times when Mummy needed ‘time’ (for what? I don’t see why I can’t be there while she does whatever it was she was doing!) I had to look after Daddy. He doesn’t manage very well on his own. Mostly it was during the afternoon so I’d suggest ‘ice cream?’ – a win for us both I think – and we might play together in the park. One afternoon though, we’d only been out a little while when I needed a wee. Daddy suggested we go to the ‘new’ toilets. I said no. They were outside! Last time I’d used an outside toilet there was a worm… A shiny, slimy, wriggly worm with legs – on the floor. I was with Mummy that time and she wasn’t bothered but I made her use a different toilet in case it bit her or something. Daddy, though. Well, I’ve seen how he reacts when he sees a spider on the living room floor so knew he wouldn’t be able to cope. So I cried. When he asked why I refused to tell him and he got upset and a little shouty. We went back to our room and Daddy told Mummy what had happened. Mummy said ‘I thought I heard his cry…’ then she gave Daddy a funny look and said ‘You’ve only been gone 20 minutes.’ Daddy swore it was an hour but she was right. I couldn’t tell her the truth though! I had to protect Daddy’s feelings. So. Later when she asked me what really happened I just told her ‘There are worms in toilets that are outside.’ She got it.

Back to what else I liked about the holiday…

The boat trip! I danced all day! And I made a friend. The captain of the boat was called ‘Ocean.’ How cool is that? He kept saying ‘alright mate?’ to me. He was brilliant and I still miss him sometimes.

The Kids Club. I barely spoke whenever I went in there but I loved it and Mellin always found something for me to do. Colouring, painting… I just wish there had been more children there to play with..

The mini-disco. All the kids who had been hiding in the daytime were at the mini disco. Until the last day, I refused to get on the stage with that elephant though. Sure, I love music and dancing but I did. not. trust. that. elephant. Look at him. Just look:


Looks dodgy, right? I touched his trunk on the last day just to keep Mummy and Daddy happy. He seemed a little less dodgy after that, I admit, so I had a dance. But anyway the shows were better than the disco and I stayed up to watch those EVERY NIGHT.

The shows! They were all good – traditional dancing, something called ‘Mr Crystal,’ which I didn’t really get but some men got up and acted very silly so I laughed but my favourite perfromers were the acrobats.

Mum. You could've taken a better photo. What about the human pyramid! I suppose this will have to do...

Mum. You could’ve taken a better photo. What about the human pyramid! I suppose this will have to do…

Amazing! I have been practising my forward rolls a lot more since seeing them. I’m getting better.

Finally, on my last night Mummy took me to the kids club and I got my face painted like spiderman. I can’t believe she didn’t tell you that! I’d been waiting all week for it after I missed it on my first day. I looked brilliant.

Coming home was ok. My ears hurt a bit as we landed but not too much and I was looking forward to being in my own bed. The loooong wait to get my buggy wasn’t great as Mummy and Daddy didn’t carry me properly. They said they were ‘tired’. Try being 3! I’m learning and growing ALL THE TIME. It’s exhausting. But we ate at Burger King before the coach journey and I got a crown. Result.

Now that we’ve been back home a while and the novelty of my own bed has worn off, I want to go on holiday and see the stars again. I miss it.