It’s been a while since I wrote about Mushroom’s language development – the last time was almost a year ago when he had around 10 words in his vocabulary and definitely could not make a proper sentence out of them.

Fast forward to now and he is constructing grammatically correct sentences (well, not all of the time, obviously) and using them in the right context (although he sometimes doesn’t quite know what he’s saying). It’s amazing how much he has grown. I thought I’d record a few of the things he used to say, says now and it ‘trying out’ here to remind me of how far we’ve come. And to give you a laugh (maybe. Funny’s not really my ‘thing.’ I tend to leave that to Mushroom)!

He used to say:

Bubble meaning swimming. Or trunks. Or Bubbles. Usually swimming though

This – as in “I want dis Mummy!” (points to mouth) meaning dummy

Apple meaning any fruit

Buddy meaning any friend apart from one whose name he could say. Sort of

Wheeee! meaning I want to go to the park and go on the slide.

I wish I could remember more! Anyway.

Now, he says:

Kok meaning Clock/clocks or Sock/Socks. Not sure if it’s amusing or embarrassing when he says (after taking off his socks, which he does often), “I not got a sock Mummy!”

Pirants meaning Pirates. Or presents. Surprisingly, I can’t always tell which by the context in which he uses this word

Paddy meaning Party.

He’s starting to say (proper sentences! Well, almost):

“I not happy today!” He generally likes to add ‘today’ to the end of most sentences

“It’s not fair!” He has no idea what this means but he says it when he’s bored of “I not happy today!”

“It’s my paddy! I want pirants!” He’s not had a party yet so I explain the presents are not for him. His next question is always. “Ok. I get cake?”

“Don’t do that, it’s dangereuse.” No idea where the french came from, it’s just the way he pronounces dangerous

“You not listening me!” He’s probably right, especially if all he’s said is “Mummy?” several times and we’ve not moved on from there. Sorry Mushroom.

“Mummy I hiding you.” This is a warning. It could be the start of a lengthy game of hide and seek (and he always hides in the same three places) or if could loosely translate to “I’m up to something and I don’t want you to stop me. At least he doesn’t lie about it. Yet.

It really is amazing what they learn in such a short time isn’t it? I’ll try to remember this when he next asks me a million questions when he wakes up before 5am, and refrain from saying ‘Shhh, Mummy’s sleeping!’ What things do your kids say that only make sense to you/make you laugh?