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Mastering Mushroom’s language

It’s been a while since I wrote about Mushroom’s language development – the last time was almost a year ago when he had around 10 words in his vocabulary and definitely could not make a proper sentence out of them.

Fast forward to now and he is constructing grammatically correct sentences (well, not all of the time, obviously) and using them in the right context (although he sometimes doesn’t quite know what he’s saying). It’s amazing how much he has grown. I thought I’d record a few of the things he used to say, says now and it ‘trying out’ here to remind me of how far we’ve come. And to give you a laugh (maybe. Funny’s not really my ‘thing.’ I tend to leave that to Mushroom)!

He used to say:

Bubble meaning swimming. Or trunks. Or Bubbles. Usually swimming though

This – as in “I want dis Mummy!” (points to mouth) meaning dummy

Apple meaning any fruit

Buddy meaning any friend apart from one whose name he could say. Sort of

Wheeee! meaning I want to go to the park and go on the slide.

I wish I could remember more! Anyway.

Now, he says:

Kok meaning Clock/clocks or Sock/Socks. Not sure if it’s amusing or embarrassing when he says (after taking off his socks, which he does often), “I not got a sock Mummy!”

Pirants meaning Pirates. Or presents. Surprisingly, I can’t always tell which by the context in which he uses this word

Paddy meaning Party.

He’s starting to say (proper sentences! Well, almost):

“I not happy today!” He generally likes to add ‘today’ to the end of most sentences

“It’s not fair!” He has no idea what this means but he says it when he’s bored of “I not happy today!”

“It’s my paddy! I want pirants!” He’s not had a party yet so I explain the presents are not for him. His next question is always. “Ok. I get cake?”

“Don’t do that, it’s dangereuse.” No idea where the french came from, it’s just the way he pronounces dangerous

“You not listening me!” He’s probably right, especially if all he’s said is “Mummy?” several times and we’ve not moved on from there. Sorry Mushroom.

“Mummy I hiding you.” This is a warning. It could be the start of a lengthy game of hide and seek (and he always hides in the same three places) or if could loosely translate to “I’m up to something and I don’t want you to stop me. At least he doesn’t lie about it. Yet.

It really is amazing what they learn in such a short time isn’t it? I’ll try to remember this when he next asks me a million questions when he wakes up before 5am, and refrain from saying ‘Shhh, Mummy’s sleeping!’ What things do your kids say that only make sense to you/make you laugh?


Things Mushroom *might* be asking…

Earlier this month, I read a great post by Leoarna (from Not different but interesting) over at babyhuddle.   The title, ‘Things my daughter would ask me if she could,’ is pretty self explanatory. Leoarna imagined herself on the panel at Question Time, with her almost-four-year-old daughter asking questions from the audience. The questions are great – some I’m sure we all ask ourselves at times, and Leoarna’s answers are considered and honest. Go and have a read of it and them come back (please). I’ll wait for you. Shall I put the kettle on?

You came back! Thanks. Here’s a cuppa.

Is herbal tea ok..?

Ok, I’m not going to try and write anything as deep as what you’ve just read, but I am going to Kind of ‘steal’ Leonara’s idea (hope that’s ok!). My angle is more like that of Redpeffer’s recent laugh-out-loud blog post, ‘A morning in the life of my two year old.’  I have just discoved Redpeffer’s blog via Britmums, and will be back for more!

If you’ve been following me, you may have read last month’s post ‘Look who’s talking,’ about Mushroom’s limited vocabulary. So, I often imagine what he’s asking me (if I can’t figure out what he’s actually saying) and then answer that.  It makes for some curious conversations…

Mushroom (upon waking): ‘Oh no! Dee dee boo, duck!’ (Starts lifting covers and throwing pillow out of cot). ‘Mummy, duck?’ (more urgently)
My translation: I dreamed that I lost my duck! Help me find it!
My answer: That’s a funny dream! I think your ducks are in the bathroom though, they sleep there don’t they?
Mushroom’s response: Confused face. ‘No, Mummy…’ (Sighs and gives up no the whole duck thing.) ‘Up!’ Starts trying to climb out of cot.

Mushroom: ‘Banana!’ (Points to fruit bowl)
My translation: Can I have a banana? (a reasonable guess, right? I thought so)
My answer: ‘Of course you can. Here you go.’ (Hands over banana)
Mushroom’s response: ‘No!’ Cries hysterically. (Turns out he wanted an apple, which he can say. Hmmm)

Mushroom: Points and CD player (kept under the TV) and dances a little. ‘Mummy? Peas?’
My translation: I want to listen to music and dance. Can you put some music on please?
My answer: ‘You want music? (nods enthusiastically) ‘Ok, let’s dance.’ (I put a CD on)
Mushroom’s response: ‘No!’ Throws himself dramatically on the sofa and cries (turns out he wanted to watch his Baby Einstein Baby Beethoven dvd. Took a while to get to that one! He did dance to it though. That was new)

Mushroom: As we walk along the street ‘Mummy, duck! Da da dee teef… lalala (singing) a, b…. one… Mummy, woo woo?’
My translation: ‘Do dogs ride bikes Mummy? With their teeth?’
My answer: No Mushroom, not usually. Although we might be able to find something on Youtube.’
Mushroom’s response:’…’ (A long sideways look and silence for the next five minutes)

Mushroom: Whinging ‘Maaaameeee. Dar, dar?’ (signs ‘car’)
My translation: Are we getting a lift with our friends to go to swimming this morning?’
My answer: ‘Yes we are. They’ll be here in a minute so we had better get ready
Mushrrom’s response: ‘Yeah!’ (runs off to get shoes). Yeah, sometimes I get it right.

Perhaps I will come up with some more serious questions – like: ‘Why must you change my nappy as soon as its dirty?’ ‘Why can’t I cut my own apple with that super sharp knife?’ and ‘Why can’t I eat the soap?’ next time…


Mushroom’s milestones

Last month, I met up with a couple of friends from my university days who I haven’t seem for ages. Between us we now have four children with one on the way (not me!). We were chatting about milestones reached and the difference between boys and girls (it seems, at least among my friends, that girls do everything faster). I noticed that my friends had written some of their children’s milestones in diaries after the baby books had run out of space. I of course have this blog, which is great, but after talking to my friends I realised there’s quite a lot I don’t record because it might be a bit boring to read. So, this post is for future Mushroom and may be a bit boring. If you do find it interesting, great! If not, come back soon and I’ll have something more interesting for you to read. Probably.

A while ago, I wrote a post which included a list of Mushroom’s most annoying achievements. I do like a good list, so I’m going to start with – in no particular order – what Mushroom can do now (at 17 months):

  • Walk, run. He can run away too fast for my liking!
  • Open and close doors. He’s fond of slamming the door on me as I chase him around the house to change his nappy
  • Blow a whistle
  • Climb up and down stairs (he prefers to climb up. Not so keen on coming down)
  • Turn a light switch (or any switch) on and off
  • Point to (most) named body parts. If he’s in the mood
  • Can wipe his own nose. At last. He needs a little help sometimes though
  • Drinks from an open cup. Not when we’re out
  • Shows empathy – comforts another child when upset (well, he tries to)
  • Follow simple (and some more complex) instructions. E.g. ‘Get Daddy’s socks from the floor and put them in the laundry basket please.’ Handy, that one.
  • Talk. A bit. Kind of (see below)
  • Sleep through the night. When he feels like it (7pm – 4/5am). This is MASSIVE for us.

And Mushroom’s current vocabulary – that is, words I recognise other than Mummy – Mameee – and Daddy – Dada) includes:

  • Banana – Nana
  • Doggy – Doddy, or ‘woof, woof!’
  • No – Naah
  • Bird – Baaa
  • Baby – Baba
  • Juice – Jeees (sounds a lot like shoes)
  • Shoes – Sheees (sounds a lot like juice)
  • Cheese – Sheees (although given the context he might just be asking for more juice)
  • Hat – Ah! Ah! (pats head. That’s how I worked out it means hat).

I have tried to put these in the order he started saying them. He also says a shortened version of his own name, which is considerably easier to say than Mushroom. Let’s say he calls himself ‘Mush.’ He also addresses all other children by his name. Unless he’s calling them baby.

He’s particularly interested in (in no particular order):

  • Music and dancing (I have written about this before. It’s not new)
  • Aeroplanes
  • Animals
  • Bikes, motorbikes
  • Cleaning. He likes sweeping, hoovering and wiping things with baby wipes
  • People. He loves watching people. He also likes to cuddle older children and coddle younger ones
  • Scooters. He’s always trying to steal these off other children!
  • Anything dangerous (usually some kind of tool) that Daddy has left lying around.

I’m sure there’s more but I’m just writing what I can think of today. What milestones has your child reached recently? I’m especially interested in things you hadn’t thought of before today!

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Dear Mushroom… Remembering your firsts

Dear Mushroom,

I thought it was about time I addressed you personally…

When I started this blog a few months ago, its main purpose was to record your milestones so that one day, when you ask  ‘What were my first words?’ or ‘how old was I when I took my first steps?’ I can actually give you an accurate answer. Also, it might be kind of cool to read a whole blog that’s basically dedicated to you. Or not. That’s why I have protected your privacy and will continue to do so, at least until you can tell me how you feel about it all.

This week, you started walking. I mean, you took your first, hesitant, extremely wobbly, steps a few weeks ago but yesterday you started walking confidently, without being prompted – as in ‘Walk to Mummy/Daddy/Auntie – go on! Just two steps! Yay *claps* well done!!’ – The first time you just stood up by the sofa and walked right across the whole to the kitchen. And back. You looked pretty pleased with yourself. Later the same day, you bravely took a walk outside the house, stopping to stroke the neighbours dogs on your travels. This was also a first – you’ve not had much contact with animals apart from the odd trip to the farm but you showed no fear, just a burning curiosity. It was as if you had to know what the fur felt like. I think, from your expression, you were pleasantly surprised. Without being told, you were incredibly gentle and I was proud of you.

This big first – the walking I mean, rather than the dog stroking – got me thinking. I had a baby book bought for me when you were born in which I recorded all your milestones up to a year – first smile, first attempts at crawling, etc.  I will be adding in your first steps of course but what about the first time you sleep through the night (I’m told this will happen at some point)? The first time you speak a full, comprehensible sentence? You already talk a lot – recognisable words so far apart from Mumum (Not ‘Mummy’ or ‘Mama.’ I like that it’s different) and Daddy are Woof, ‘nana (banana) and Uh Oh but the rest is still babble to me. You look so earnest though, I wish I could understand and relieve your increasing frustration and I can’t wait to hear what you have to say. Well, all these things and more I will record here, for you to read at some point in the future.

For now, I just wanted to record your first steps and tell you how excited I am about all the growing you’ve done, and have yet to do. You bring so much joy into my life and I’m sure you will continue to do so.

Lots of Love,


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