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Mushroom Makes… Trouser puppets!

So I don’t know whether ‘Mushroom Makes’ will be a regular thing but I’m sure I’ll be posting his creations from school soon enough and you may have noticed I can’t resist a little alliteration (see?) so a new post category is born!

Last week, Mushroom was lamenting the fact he couldn’t wear a pair of his favourite trousers as he’d fallen in them and they had a big hole in one knee. I asked whether he’d like to recycle them and he was wide-eyed, ‘Make them into something else? Like a bottle or tissues?’ (We have talked about recycling mostly in the context of glass, paper and plastic). I said we could make new clothes and trouser puppets. So here’s a slideshow of our efforts:

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We were very proud of ourselves and the shorts are a firm wardrobe favourite now!



The recycled kite

Last week, Mushroom and I were playing in our recently refurbished ‘Jubilee park,’ an outdoor play area cultivated to encourage children to make use of their natural surroundings.

Jubilee park 0-7 play area

While playing on the little trampolines and running/sliding/rolling down the little man-made hills, created for this very purpose, we saw a kite flying in the near distance.

Jubilee park wooden trampoline

The man flying the kite noticed Mushroom’s interest, and deliberately lowered it, allowing Mushroom to chase it a while before bringing it down so that we could take a closer look.

Kite chasingOnce up close, we realised that the kite was made entirely out of recycled material! A recycling bin bag, some bamboo and an old sheet cut into strips. ‘Even the glue is all natural,’ he told us proudly, ‘I make it with flour and glue. This is a Jamaican kite.’ Mushroom nodded wisely. Grandma and Grandad are Jamaican, therefore Daddy is Jamaican, therefore he is Jamaican (and Nigerian, and British, but that’s for another post). I think he gets it. He recognises ‘Jamaican’ anyway. The man smiled kindly at us. ‘I’ll make you a lickle one, ‘ he promised, ‘to put in your pocket.’

I asked if he sold them and he said yes but then it started to rain and Mushroom was fussing so we headed off. As we walked away I realised something. ‘I never asked your name…’ My shout was lost on the wind, or so I thought.

Recycled Kite‘I’ll see you again!’ He shouted his promise across the field and we both nodded. We’ll see him again. When we do, we’ll find out where he sells his kites and whether he’s interested in making one for you, too!

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